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  1. Available for: L2Classic NA (Talking Island) We have a characters list for sale, and do you can order your own character. Can you simulate the characters order prices and estimated time to be ready by clicking on "order button". We accept middle man services for secure orders. We are currently accepting PAYPAL only by payment method. AVAILABLE READY CHARS: [53 lvl] Dark Avenger - 120 USD 50%+ all important skills (Iron Will, Hamstring, Horror) [40 lvl] Elemental Summoner - 50 USD CONTACTS: Skype: live:l2powerlevel E-mail: l2powerlevel.com@gmail.com VISIT: WWW.L2POWERLEVEL.COM
  2. Hey guys, Basically, i got this script made from someone by there: https://github.com/arturojosejr/L2-Adrenaline-Scripts/tree/master/Auto Farm There scripts has modules for auto farm, i tryied to used it by myself then i make it work for check locations, use SOE, move close to the Gatekeeper... But i need it all working (teleport to desired location, move to spot, start farming...) Was i have low skills about Delphi/Pascal, i prefer pay someone for make it. What i need exactly? - All miscs (auto learn skills, get daily items, auto mail); - Check location and move near to GK (already working); - Teleport to desired Town and move to the spot (i will made by myself each spot coordinates); - Load zmap locations based on desired spot (i will made by myself the zmaps); - Load the character settings based on class (i will made by myself each setting file); Let me know if u're interested just contacting me on skype: live:raphael_360. Ofc, we can discuss about the prices. Regards.