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  1. Hi, as title says, I am selling following on L2Dex Draconic bow +11, focus -500€ Draconic set - 80€ AM - 20€ Red SA 13 - 10€ Tat set +4+1+0 - 10€ Can also sell it as pack with the char with baium for 28 more days, skills +10, noble, 80/80/80/77. Not going first, did several deals on the maxcheaters in the past. Accepting paypal only.
  2. Hello, as title says - WTB SWS 78+ on Skelth, pm me with your offers and details of offered char. Thanks,
  3. As title says - WTB 100kk on Skelth, not going first unless you are well known seller. Pm me with offers
  4. Hi, no I am currently interested for adena / items on Skelth or €
  5. Hello, I am looking to purchase following on Skelth: BoP +12 or more Orfen 3 AQ 3 Adena WC 76+ Send me offers to pm, we can discuss further on skype if I am interested.
  6. Hi all, selling following chars / adena / items on Gludio server: Prophet 41 - VIP 4, DW learned Destroyer 41 - VIP 4 Adena - 1kk = 20€ ,1kk in stock EWC - 8€ Accepting paypal or willing to trade for adena on Skelth
  7. Hello guys, as title says - WTS Prophet 48 on Giran server or WTT for items on Skelth. VIP 4 ( 6690 points + 50% exp rune running since beginning of server + over 5000 nccoins points on the account ). PM ME with serious offers only.
  8. Hello, as title says, WTB SE / EE 52 + / adena or €. Thanks,
  9. Hi guys, I would like to sell several items on Skelth: Talisman of Baium -1400€ BW hvy set +6 - 300€ - got scammed Othell lvl 10 - 100€ Accepting paypal only, pm me on forum and if you want to waste my time with any bullshit, don't even try. It was last time I believed to anyone on this forum.
  10. Hello, I would like to buy BD 58+ on Skelth, pm me on forum with offers. Thanks, Kacko777
  11. Hello, as per topic, I want to sell Iss Hierophant 102 and 75% / Titan 100 on CORE Exalted lvl 2 ( missing only few items from pt leader quest for exalted 3 ) Radiant Brooch Obsidian 4, Pearl 3, Diamond 3, Tanzanite 3, Aria Con +3 Annihilation Shiny shirt +7 Ancient con dyes +15 Agathion Gemini 2, Leo 1, Libra 1, Sagi 2, Virgo 4 Faction lvl 2-4 Skills +6-10 WTS also adena 7€ per 1b ( 110b ) pm me with your offers on forum, accepting paypal only Ppl who tried to scam me: DarkOmen
  12. Bought 10b, super fast and helpful, thank you for trade.
  13. Hello, I would like to buy Shillen Elder on Shelth, level 40-50, with no eqip. Buying only from trusted sellers and paying via paypal. Please, send me offer via PM on the forum. Thanks, Kacko777