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  1. EDIT Its independent from time. When i heal my self 3 time i can move how can i fix it ?
  2. I edit it with silvershadow helps.Its working but when i select char and login game my cursor cant click floor and cant move camera for 10 15 second but i dont know what cause it
  3. Hello all I edited my ui to make damage on screen effect. Its working but when after login to game i cant move camera or click somewhere without interface for 10 or 15 second. I dont know what cause it. Thanks for help
  4. I guess u are best character who i ever met. Im so appreciated your message and u make me so happy. Thank u so much.
  5. Hello all I need help about editing interface. I'm searching everthing about it but i can't find enough source in english language. I'm still trying do something in interface.u and i need to ask to you If i extract interface(with damage on screen effect like GOD) and copy script log about it to interface(lordanov or each other) is it work ? And i can't find UIscript.exe. WHAT IS IT?!? how can i gather classes files to interface.u . Im so appreciate for your helps.
  6. Hello everyone. I need c5 login screen files for interlude. I did search topics in site but links are dead so i think i need start topic about it. Thanks for helping. And one more can we add gracia login screen to IL ? Its so beautiful.
  7. You're right but im trying to say how can i add this damagescreen to other interface for example yours. I like your interface looks but it hasnt damage on screen patch. I wanna to use ur interface with this damageonscreen patch. Is it hard to make it ?
  8. Nice words :) but i need still something. Can u help me about extract damage on screen effect from this interface ? Which files provide it ?
  9. I want to know that too. I want to use just damage on screen effect which files provide it ? Or how can i edit them for just damage without exp
  10. Hello everyone How can i add given or taken damage on screen with GoD animation (Like this ) ? Its looks very perfect. I did change systemmsg-e but its looking so raw. Thanks for ur helps.