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  1. i dont want auto things and auto assist shit i just asked for key binds , every server should have it since everybody uses it :)
  2. my bad i have forgotten how shity is l2 community :D
  3. yeah ok most common interface files are blocked , if you are not going to send it to me dont brag cheers
  4. how to get into beta? patch cant be downloaded from website
  5. very good that you block interface but you should give a patch for shortcut binds
  6. are you recruiting members now?
  7. Hello im looking for a Greek or International Clan ( Greek and English speaking) with Ts/Discord ( no drama , shouting or stupid brats) Atm im playing at l2Dion and l2gamers.cl but will follow to any decent server I can be active 18:00++ GMT +2 and now even more since everything is falling apart :P Proficient in raiding , crafting,assisting, Main assist, Seiges mostly on Interlude servers (i can play all classes , but prefer Dagger/archer/titan/SPH/OL/WL) Interested for Mid rate servers but High rate is also good Message me Here or Discord
  8. WTS Wind Rider with +16 Archer/mage/dagger/titan TT gear and custom weapons with passive/active auguments for each class +10 all skills Hero for ever 1k pvps
  9. server feature seem nice but i logged in and got stuck many times while teleporting and had to restart, whats up with that?
  10. lol admin gave hero to his friends and when i post it on forum he deletes it, advertising as new server every 5 days big fail