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  1. Didn't play on last server. Was it bad?Thinking to start end of month, but i am not sure low or mid rate server :/
  2. Not very successful Beta, only 2 online players. Seems like every other high five, nothing special. Outdated files, but nice NPCs though :) Good luck
  3. So, this server at the beggining looks nice.Around 400 players online today,but anyway is not so bad, if there is action. Server is not x30, looks like x10 and some areas even less. Community Board from 2004,very simple looking but very complicated. I think only if you are lucky you can create your own scheme on buffer. A lot of Teleports missing from community board for a x30 server, probably they wanted to be like that, i am not sure. The Donations from 2nd day are too OP.I was wondering why do i see +13 and +12 guns on 2nd day, and then i realized that you can buy enchant scrolls on donate shop with High chances and if you fail the enchant the weapon stays as it is. Server is not for International players, ONLY for Rus cause the community is 90% Rus so you cannot communicate or take part on the market, or daily events like 7rb's, instances. Only 1 clan International with 12 players average online. Two Big Russian Clans, one them which is paid by server to play there, with full items and enchanted from 3rd day, thing that means, noone else can go for pvp, epics and etc. Massive quits in last 2 days and i guess it is cause of the donations which give too much boost since 2nd day. Very bad server, for Rus server.
  4. 10Gb sorry my bad. Still all i see in this topic is excuses, so not willing to download even 5Gb. Good luck with your passion for the game.
  5. I was about to Download this 13Gb game, but after all those comments, i think it's not worth.Anyone who can tell us if the server is finaly online and if players joined?
  6. Low population.I was expecting bigger online but no.... Also this fake players engine, or whatever is this, which all players look at the same spot, is really funny :D Community board very UNprofessional work,full donate shop from the 1st day. Looks like, less than 70 or even 50 real players on that server. And finaly i guess this level 11 clan is Admin's friends?
  7. Nice server, easy farm, enough players to have some fun! The worst things is, when you log out, your character stays online, so for a newcomer, server looks full, but after few mins, you see afk 90% in Giran and in other Towns. Also the server is based on bot. bot for farm, bot for PvP. GM attitude very bad, speaks to hero voice like a 12 years old kid who got the privilege :P But still if you block the hero chat, to avoid the flame between GM and Heroes, then you can have some fun. I thing aroung 70-100 maximum players on prime days.
  8. So as i see a lot of ppl believe on the votes of a server, and actually maybe join a server cause of that. with 3 minutes "research" you can find out this: In Destiny website you can vote on Hopzone.net and L2Servers.com Destiny is 1st server in hopzone with 36.163 votes so daily in vote history in Hopzone.net you can see that: Around 2.200 - 2.400 votes daily.I believe 2,000 votes are added from Hopzone side and the proof i believe is here. As an example i will check La2Dreams server which is 8th on Hopzone list with daily votes around 400. So far destiny is 1st server and La2Dream is 8th in Hopzone with Huge difference in votes. Now i am checking on L2servers.com which is the 2nd votesite which is available to vote for Destiny. Destiny here is on 4th place and La2Dream is on 1st place, with almost half votes. So i believe in l2servers.com you cannot buy fake votes, also i believe La2Dream is not buying votes thats why is on 8th place in Hopzone and 6th-7th place in Topzone. With simple mathematics, Destiny has around 200-250 daily votes and he is buying 2,000 votes by Hopzone owner. Sorry for the long post but, was about 3-4 minutes for someone to realize that, and i hope with this post everyone can understand the Corruption of some Websites and some servers.I am not against any server or Votesite, but I am not just that fool :D
  9. Not bad server, but totaly empty, 2 days after opening. I hadn't the chance to log in on opening date but looks noone else had the chance too :P i guess the 3 online players i saw from same clan are friends of admin too? :D
  10. Server is empty in any timezone and in any area, unfortunately. For x150 server is harder than usual, i am not saying that as a negative feedback,it is just a fact. I logged in correct server, which hasn't fake players as far as i noticed, but it hasn't real players also. Good luck
  11. Server is popular, i mean the name, but this x150 looks very empty. Around 20 players online.Not lot of customs, only 2 shields through donate shop. Server needs a lot of farm to get max level and full items, and i think it is not worth based on the low online. Spawn area for new characters, making no sense, in gludio village, when the main town is in giran. New players logging in and see an empty server. Also this announcement killed me!
  12. Low quality website.Server has nice features and a lot of things to do, it is not just pvp. PvP zone very poor, and a lot of fake players to increase the online. Different online on Website and different in Community Board. For 1-2 days looks fine ,just for the PVP.A lot of NPCs, for different things, so you need around 15 minutes to understand how everything is working.