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  1. Hello, as the title, i am looking for clan leaders with 4+ parties active who playing high five. Good monthly incomes fair/profi cooperation. Only pms please.
  2. Hello com, i want to buy dress me suits, weapons, shields, cloaks and accessories.
  3. LAST VISITED January 29, 2018 As far as i know this guy disappeared.
  4. This Bot pt vs Bot pt is so funny :D
  5. If someone believe there is server of Lineage including official with 4-5k players is really stupid :D But still server have fun,isn't empty at all
  6. True about this "pts". Unfortunately, i don't think is good idea.We used to play in java servers. sad but true, those new things pts in java files, makes the game different which most of us don't prefer. Also, if the administration didn't change and is the same like 2 months ago, they are corrupted and giving free items.Even though they had low online.
  7. Maybe the most populated server in Interlude.I didn't play in their old projects but server has its own followers and fans.Full international community,you can find players from every country. Looking forward to see this interface of ertheia.
  8. Well, server looks fine, well developed, i guess cause vampir is developer. I didn't expect to see so many rus in this server though. Nothing to report so far, but they still need more players. Server has fine online but still,more players, more fun :D
  9. i am not playing trash servers, maybe thats why. my skype spam a mouse's dog and i am wondering if thats a destiny server. also the website remember was on destiny before the same.
  10. 1 day beta? is this a joke or?
  11. Didn't play on last server. Was it bad?Thinking to start end of month, but i am not sure low or mid rate server :/
  12. Not very successful Beta, only 2 online players. Seems like every other high five, nothing special. Outdated files, but nice NPCs though :) Good luck
  13. So, this server at the beggining looks nice.Around 400 players online today,but anyway is not so bad, if there is action. Server is not x30, looks like x10 and some areas even less. Community Board from 2004,very simple looking but very complicated. I think only if you are lucky you can create your own scheme on buffer. A lot of Teleports missing from community board for a x30 server, probably they wanted to be like that, i am not sure. The Donations from 2nd day are too OP.I was wondering why do i see +13 and +12 guns on 2nd day, and then i realized that you can buy e