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  1. Contact me on Skype live:.cid.312fd601fa2387b9 Or Facebook
  2. Contact me on Skype live:.cid.312fd601fa2387b9 Or Facebook
  3. Contact me on Skype : live:.cid.312fd601fa2387b9 or Facebook
  4. Hey send me a message in my Facebook page.
  5. Yeah, there are methods that check this out in quests, but I thought I'd do this without this dependency, however, I do not have a good idea to do this efficiently, so here I am asking for some ideas ^^ ty
  6. I would like to know if there is any method that deals with the level change of a playable character, in other words, I need to execute a method whenever any character increases level. I've checked in "EventDispatcher.java" but I think is not what i am looking for...
  7. Send me a e-mail: gabrielveiga915@gmail.com
  8. yes, you are correct, thank you very much for your answer and no, I am not using java 7, I just removed the lambda to get a better view of the null pointer, as I am not very experienced
  9. What can be null here? code: package com.dev.phantomEngine.task; import java.util.List; import com.dev.phantomEngine.PhantomPlayer; import com.dev.phantomEngine.PhantomPlayerManager; public class AITask implements Runnable { private final int _from; private int _to; public AITask(int from, int to) { _from = from; _to = to; } @Override public void run() { adjustPotentialIndexOutOfBounds(); List<PhantomPlayer> fakePlayers = PhantomPlayerManager.INSTANCE.getFakePlayers().subList(_from, _to); try { // fakePlayers.stream().filter(x -> !x.getFakeAi().isBusyThinking()).forEach(x -> x.getFakeAi().thinkAndAct()); for (PhantomPlayer p : fakePlayers) { if (!p.getFakeAi().isBusyThinking()) <- Here-> { p.getFakeAi().thinkAndAct(); <- Here-> } } } catch (Exception ex) { ex.printStackTrace(); } } private void adjustPotentialIndexOutOfBounds() { if (_to > PhantomPlayerManager.INSTANCE.getFakePlayersCount()) { _to = PhantomPlayerManager.INSTANCE.getFakePlayersCount(); } } } print stack trace points to these lines
  10. Lineage 2 Breeze is a PvP Mid Rates Server with FlagZones in all spots of farm. However, every one will be able to grown up, with our exclusive Rank Systems. Opening Date : 02/02/2019 16h00 UTC-3 $$ Earn Money $$ In some events in our server you'll can be rewarded with REAL MONEY* ! But you will need to show that you and your clan are the Best! Events you can be rewarded: - Tournament 9x9 (Weekends) - Aden Siege (each 15 days) - PvP First Place Ranking (Monthly) - Exclusive Clan Points System* Time Server, Site and Forum - GMT -3 Duration of the Buffs, Dances and Songs - 2 hours Maximum Buffs Slots - 22 + 4 Chance Minimum Debuffs - 10% Chance Maximum Debuffs - 90% Olympiads Max Enchant - + 6 Anti-Bot System (Gameguard) Geodata and Pathnodes - Yes Sub-Class Quest - Not Sub-Class Maximum Level - 80 Master Class - Yes Offline mode Shop - Yes Auto Learn Skills - Yes Auto Learn Loot - Yes Auto Learn Raid & Grand Boss Loot - Not Vitality System - Not Champions System - Yes Wedding System - Yes Rates Experience (EXP) - 80x Skill Points (SP) - 80x Adena - 80x Drop Items - 1x Quest Experience (EXP) - 10x Quest Skill Points (SP) - 10x Quest Adena - 10x Quest Items Drop - 30x Spoil - 1x Weight Limit - 7x Manor - 5x Extract Fish - 3x Enchants Safe Enchant - 3 Max Enchant - 12 Normal Scroll (Armor&Weapon) - +3 TO +6 40%, +6 to +10 60% Blessed Scroll (Armor Only) - +3 TO +6 30%, +6 to +10 50% Crystal Scroll chance (Armor) - +10 to +12 do not crystallizes!Crystal Scroll chance (Weapon) - +10 to +16 do not crystallizes! Growing up Farm System - There are two farm zones: FarmZoneSolo and FarmZoneParty. Each zone gives you a chance to purchase different types of items. Other items can be purchased through events and raid bosses. NPCs - Our server does not feature customs items. With the exception of the accessories you will not need to download additional files to connect to our server. Raid & Grand Boss: All RaidBosses have modified statuses, providing a balance with items purchased in-game. All bosses Lv. 70+ drop relevant items to purchase your equipment. The drops include: Adena, Giant's Codex, Crystal Enchants and the special item dropped by bosses: Raid Claw. Exclusive Clan Point System How it Works? R: During the weekends when a boss Lv. 70+ is dead, at the death site, the '' Clan Box '' will appear, which is an NPC that will give an item ('' Clan Point '') by HWID. By clicking on this item your clan will receive +1 point and will be updated in the ranking. At the end of the week the clan with the most points will receive real money prizes. You can check you clan ranking through NPC "Carla" in Giran, or through our website. Any attempt to defraud the event will be instantly purged and the perpetrators of the fraud will be IMMEDIATELY banned permanently! Remember, there is no other way to get points except for RaidBosses! Awarded Siege The aden siege will happen every 15 days and will be awarded real money weekly. More information after opening the server on 02-02-2019 at 4pm. Tournament 9x9 The famous tournament could not fail to exist on our server, and of course, we decided to reward with real money, too, those who prove to be the best in this battle. Every 15 days the event will take place and the winners will be awarded in real life. Boss Respawn Raid Boss ->Todos os boss level 70+ (12h) ->Barakiel (6h) (Last Hit Nobless) Grand Boss -> Valakas (96h) -> Zaken (48h) -> Queen Ant (24h) -> Antharas (72h) -> Baium (72h) -> Core (24h) (drops Ring of the Queen Ant) -> Frintezza (48h) -> Orfen (24h) (drops Zaken's Earring) -> Sailren (24h) Augment 5% chance (onlyTop-Grade Life Stone Lv. 76) *Rewards will be given after 15 days of our opening WWW.L2BREEZE.COM