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  1. Here is Charge.java package l2s.gameserver.skills.skillclasses; import java.util.List; import l2s.gameserver.model.Creature; import l2s.gameserver.model.Player; import l2s.gameserver.model.Skill; import l2s.gameserver.network.l2.components.SystemMsg; import l2s.gameserver.network.l2.s2c.MagicSkillUse; import l2s.gameserver.stats.Formulas; import l2s.gameserver.stats.Formulas.AttackInfo; import l2s.gameserver.templates.StatsSet; public class Charge extends Skill { public static final int MAX_CHARGE = 10; private int _charges; private boolean _fullCharge; public Charge(StatsSet set) { super(set); _charges = set.getInteger("charges", getLevel()); _fullCharge = set.getBool("fullCharge", false); } @Override public boolean checkCondition(final Creature activeChar, final Creature target, boolean forceUse, boolean dontMove, boolean first) { if(!super.checkCondition(activeChar, target, forceUse, dontMove, first)) return false; if(!activeChar.isPlayer()) return false; Player player = (Player) activeChar; int charges = _charges == -1 ? player.getMaxIncreasedForce() : _charges; //Камушки можно юзать даже е�ли зар�д > 7, о�тальное только е�ли зар�д < уровень �кила if(getPower() <= 0 && getId() != 2165 && player.getIncreasedForce() >= charges) { activeChar.sendPacket(SystemMsg.YOUR_FORCE_HAS_REACHED_MAXIMUM_CAPACITY_); return false; } else if(getId() == 2165) player.sendPacket(new MagicSkillUse(player, player, 2165, 1, 0, 0)); return true; } @Override public void onEndCast(Creature activeChar, List<Creature> targets) { super.onEndCast(activeChar, targets); if(activeChar.isPlayer()) chargePlayer((Player) activeChar, getId()); } @Override protected void useSkill(Creature activeChar, Creature target, boolean reflected) { if(!activeChar.isPlayer()) return; if(target.isDead()) return; if(target == activeChar) return; if(getPower() <= 0) return; final Creature realTarget = reflected ? activeChar : target; final AttackInfo info = Formulas.calcPhysDam(activeChar, realTarget, this, false, false, isSSPossible(), false); if(info == null) return; realTarget.reduceCurrentHp(info.damage, activeChar, this, true, true, false, true, false, false, true, true, info.crit || info.blow, false, false); if(!info.miss || info.damage >= 1) { double lethalDmg = Formulas.calcLethalDamage(activeChar, realTarget, this); if(lethalDmg > 0) realTarget.reduceCurrentHp(lethalDmg, activeChar, this, true, true, false, false, false, false, false); else if(!reflected) realTarget.doCounterAttack(this, activeChar, false); } } public void chargePlayer(Player player, Integer skillId) { int charges = _charges == -1 ? player.getMaxIncreasedForce() : _charges; if(player.getIncreasedForce() >= charges) { player.sendPacket(SystemMsg.YOUR_FORCE_HAS_REACHED_MAXIMUM_CAPACITY_); return; } if(_fullCharge) player.setIncreasedForce(charges); else player.setIncreasedForce(player.getIncreasedForce() + 1); }
  2. Hello i have a problem, i'm using L2Script 2.5 Zaken and all skills who use charges to use it aren't using so you can use with 0 charges. So where is the formula of "num_charges" ??? PD: SKILLS WORKS GOOD, BUT CAN BE USED WITHOUT CHARGES. <skill id="461" levels="3" name="Break Duress"> <!-- Description: Lvl 1 - Use your spirit to escape from an immobile state. Level 2 Focused Force charge required. Lvl 2 - Use your spirit to escape from a slow or immobile state. Level 3 Focused Force charge required. --> <table name="#num_charges">2 3</table> <table name="#magicLevel">60 66</table> <table name="#dispel_sd_max_abnormal_lvl">0 3</table> <table name="#mp_consume">29 33 37</table> <table name="#reuseDelay">600000 420000 300000</table> <set name="icon" value="icon.skill0461"/> <set name="reuseDelay" value="#reuseDelay"/> <set name="hitTime" value="3000"/> <set name="mp_consume" value="#mp_consume"/> <set name="ride_state" value="NONE"/> <set name="magicLevel" value="#magicLevel"/> <set name="hitCancelTime" value="500"/> <set name="target" value="TARGET_SELF"/> <set name="operate_type" value="A2"/> <set name="num_charges" value="#num_charges"/> <set name="skillType" value="BUFF"/> <for> <effect name="i_dispel_by_slot"> <def name="abnormal_type" value="speed_down"/> <def name="max_abnormal_level" value="#dispel_sd_max_abnormal_lvl"/> </effect> <effect name="i_dispel_by_slot"> <def name="abnormal_type" value="root_magically"/> <def name="max_abnormal_level" value="3"/> </effect> <effect name="i_dispel_by_slot"> <def name="abnormal_type" value="root_physically"/> <def name="max_abnormal_level" value="3"/> </effect> </for> </skill>
  3. its a java version problem. FIXED so Close please.-
  4. Hello ppl, i was using L2Script Source Zaken 2.5 shared here. But cubics have a error in the console when you summon here are the pics if someone can help me to fix it. Console error when summon any cubic. [12:29:03] ERROR Exception: RunnableImpl.run(): java.lang.UnsupportedOperationEx ception java.lang.UnsupportedOperationException at java.util.concurrent.CopyOnWriteArrayList$COWIterator.set(Unknown Sou rce) at java.util.Collections.sort(Unknown Source) at l2s.commons.math.random.RndSelector.chance(RndSelector.java:64) at l2s.commons.math.random.RndSelector.chance(RndSelector.java:79) at l2s.gameserver.templates.CubicTemplate.getRandomSkill(CubicTemplate.j ava:112) at l2s.gameserver.model.actor.instances.player.Cubic.runImpl(Cubic.java: 87) at l2s.commons.threading.RunnableImpl.run(RunnableImpl.java:21) at java.util.concurrent.Executors$RunnableAdapter.call(Unknown Source) at java.util.concurrent.FutureTask.runAndReset(Unknown Source) at java.util.concurrent.ScheduledThreadPoolExecutor$ScheduledFutureTask. access$301(Unknown Source) at java.util.concurrent.ScheduledThreadPoolExecutor$ScheduledFutureTask. run(Unknown Source) at java.util.concurrent.ThreadPoolExecutor.runWorker(Unknown Source) at java.util.concurrent.ThreadPoolExecutor$Worker.run(Unknown Source) at java.lang.Thread.run(Unknown Source) at l2s.commons.threading.PriorityThreadFactory$1.run(PriorityThreadFacto ry.java:35)