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  1. i dont have an admin command because this phantom system work auto ...i have also grind team pack and on this pack they spawn auto after gameserver is started they spawn in all towns
  2. here are the 3 parts of code , PhantomsDao , PhantomsObject and PhantomPlayers , also i added config.java and player.java Here are all filess witch i modified in server pack to add phantom engine
  3. Yes mate im sure , also the GS starting without any error and here its the proof (wave 1st started spawn) but in game its nothing https://ibb.co/cuZcLo
  4. Hello and thx for your fast reply , its no error at GS just not spawn in game
  5. Hello to everyone , looking for a dev , witch can help me to implement a phantom engine (fake players witch run and fight in game) i have the code i have all files i just need help to implement from (grind team pack h5) to (mythras pack h5) i have all files but i dont know how to implement on mythras pack i tried 123124 times but something going wrong because they dont spawn in game after finished implement...
  6. Can you tell me how to make it working ? or where locate it ? because i cant found something in this pack like phantom players
  7. l2rise will be dead in 2 weeks maxim :D the fucking owner ''sorin'' will open another server in the next 2 weeks ....
  8. and what i need to change to take from the fake_player.list ? private static final String LOAD_OFFLINE_STATUS = "SELECT * FROM fake_players"; private static final Logger _log = LoggerFactory.getLogger(GameServer.class); private static FakePlayers _instance;
  9. right now problem its another because when i use //create_fake_players 50 for example ...working but in game spawn only players witch are real and not a fake player from the fake_player.list :D
  10. Sorry for double post my internet provider working little low
  11. i already try with this method but i got same error :(
  12. Someone can help me with fake player script from l2mythras pack / l2ava pack / fan dc pack / when i try to create fake players with this command //create_fake_players or with //create_fake_players 50i get this error http:// AdminFakePlayers.java package l2f.gameserver.handler.admincommands.impl; import l2f.gameserver.handler.admincommands.IAdminCommandHandler; import l2f.gameserver.model.Player; import l2f.gameserver.network.FakeGameClient; public class AdminFakePlayers implements IAdminCommandHandler { private static enum Commands { admin_create_fake_players; } @Override public boolean useAdminCommand(Enum comm, String[] wordList, String fullString, Player activeChar) { Commands command = (Commands) comm; if (!activeChar.getPlayerAccess().CanReload) return false; switch (command) { case admin_create_fake_players: int count = Integer.parseInt(wordList[1]); for (int i = 0 ; i < count ; i ++) new FakeGameClient(null); break; } return true; } @Override public Enum[] getAdminCommandEnum() { return Commands.values(); } } FakePlayers.java package l2f.gameserver; import java.sql.Connection; import java.sql.PreparedStatement; import java.sql.ResultSet; import l2f.commons.dbutils.DbUtils; import l2f.gameserver.database.DatabaseFactory; import l2f.gameserver.model.Player; import org.slf4j.Logger; import org.slf4j.LoggerFactory; public class FakePlayers { private static final String LOAD_OFFLINE_STATUS = "SELECT * FROM fake_players"; private static final Logger _log = LoggerFactory.getLogger(GameServer.class); private static FakePlayers _instance; public static FakePlayers getInstance() { if (_instance == null) { _instance = new FakePlayers(); } return _instance; } private FakePlayers() { storeFakePlayers(); } public static void storeFakePlayers() { _log.info("FakePlayers: Activated"); Connection con = null; int nPlayers = 0; try { Player player = null; con = DatabaseFactory.getInstance().getConnection(); PreparedStatement stm = con.prepareStatement(LOAD_OFFLINE_STATUS); ResultSet rs = stm.executeQuery(); while (rs.next()) { try { player = Player.restore(rs.getInt("obj_Id")); player.setFakePlayer(); player.spawnMe(); if (Config.FAKE_PLAYERS_SIT) { player.sitDown(null); } player.setOnlineStatus(true); player.restoreExp(); player.broadcastCharInfo(); nPlayers++; } catch (Exception e) { _log.error("Fake Players Engine: Error loading player: " + player, e); if (player != null) { player.deleteMe(); } } } rs.close(); stm.close(); _log.info("Loaded: " + nPlayers + " fake Players"); } catch (Exception e) { _log.error("Fake Players Engine : Error while loading player: ", e); } finally { DbUtils.closeQuietly(con); } } }