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  1. //return false; public boolean test() { int x = 1; if (x == 1) { System.out.println("works!!!"); return true; } return false; } //return; public void testReturn() { if (test()) { System.out.println("our value is True"); return; } else { System.out.println("our value is False"); return; } } first code block will return false as a default value however if the condition is true then will return true. second bock which uses return will return undefined or void 0. both cases are called falsy. Although if you just want to exit a method it doesnt matter which keyword you'r going to use since both have the same result.
  2. for (PlayerInstance players : getKnownList().getKnownPlayers().values()) players.sendMessage("Everyone in the zone has been flagged."); //edit PlayerInstance to your project's mother class could be Player, L2PcInstance idk //thats the most effective way to iterate through players in zone
  3. Hello folks, im glad to announce that my ACP(version 1.0) is finally released specifically the panel includes the following functions: Server related functions Register Login Email Confirmation Password Change Real-Time Server Statistics Character related functions Inventory Inspector Detailed Character's Informations IP Logs Protections SQL Injection Code Injection XSS CSRF Q/A: Q : Will i be protected from hackers? A : Yes, The panel provides protection against most common today's world attacks. Q : Will the panel overload my server and crash it? A : No, after spending several hours on debugging and live testing the panel no crashes were detected. Q : I'm struggling implementing ACP, can i get some help? A : Of course, i provide full time support for every customer. Starting Price: 50€ *Additional charges will be applied according to customer's preferences or based on your project/extras Amnesia#7783
  4. the check should be placed inside the RequestUnEquipItem packet
  5. try to download the latest which is 8.0.25 https://mvnrepository.com/artifact/mysql/mysql-connector-java
  6. which version of mysql-connector are you using ? its an important thing
  7. seach inside your Textures folder there are some utx that may contain the scroll bar usually there are on L2UI_XX else there are binded inside a .u file on your system
  8. Δεν υπάρχει κανένας ιός αποκαλούμενος ως κορονοιός είναι προσποιητό ολο αυτό, ολη αυτή η ιστορία έχει γίνει για να μας ρίξουν στάχτη στα μάτια για να μπορέσουν να βάλουν παντού κεραίες 5G και μετά μέσο του εμβολίου ο bill gates να μας ελέγχει σε ότι και αν κάνουμε 🙃🙃 παίζει να κάνει και mining με τους υπολογιστές μέσα στα χέρια μας, καλή φάση
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