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  1. Request How to skip update downloads

    thats easy enough brat just run the updater without an internet connection or make 1 exception in your firewall that blocks the incoming connections. in this situation block server's updater url or ip
  2. I dont think you need the sources for this job setting up/editing skills 90% are placed in your servers data find the xmls and work them
  3. to run your server locally you have to point your internal ip 192.168.x.x in configs on ExternalHostname
  4. i think you have to create also table/tables in db , did you add the skill in mobs skill tree tho?
  5. Απ'οτι καταλαβα ψαχνεις pop-up msg που θα εχει να κανει με το event, δοκιμασε κατι τετοιο ExShowScreenMessage EventRunning = new ExShowScreenMessage("το κειμενο σου",10000); //πειραξε το 10000 αναλογος με το χρονο που θες