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  1. The first example was not returning a float result as the second one seems like it's the correct one however when you want to do a division between 2 floats and you want the exact result you have to type something like "2/.1f”
  2. 811 is id from systemmsg that contains a string , this is a requestbypass packet
  3. ok found it , one more question if if the method is IsInEvent so the function will work for the rest of the events ? and 1 more, to validate the check on the ItemUse i have to add a return on canUseItem variable ?
  4. can you explain further what you mean by "(Request)UseItem, from memory" ?
  5. If i only could turn my logical idea on code it would be so easy, as sweets said i just want to prevent the player to use another weapon than my specific id on this event , so i think im going to use that code sweets said ----EDIT---- what return should i use because my class is public boolen not void so i cant return nothing
  6. will this code force the player to use only 1 specific id ? because thats what im trying to do
  7. public boolean canUseItem(PlayerEventInfo player, ItemData item) { if(item.getItemId() == _bowItemId && item.isEquipped()) return false; return super.canUseItem(player, item); } i want to make this part of code to { if(item.getItemId() != _bowItemId) player.sendMessage(LanguageEngine.getMsg("you cant use another weapon than the Bow")); } something like this
  8. the problem is that im forcing the player to equip a specific id but while the event is running he can change it
  9. Hello forum , im wondering how can i make my event restricted to only 1 type of weapon, im using use item by id command but i need some further help
  10. how is possible that this system running utx's like starting logo and loading screen which do not exist on my client ? which method the dev used? some kind of binding maybe on the dlls
  11. <production id="item id " count="item ammount" enchant="your enchant"/> place this into your multisells
  12. Hello im searching everywhere for the auto augment code like l2crabbed/l2epic where you was putting item-ls-material you was pressing augment and then the remove augment window was appearing automatically, thanks in advance