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  1. FEATURES Chronicle: Classic Zaken 2.5 Without Subclass. Offline Sale System (.offline). Buff Offline Sale System (.buffstore). Buff slots 26 + 4 Debuffs. Without NPC Full Buff. Without GM Shop. Without Global GK. Safe Enchant +3. Dual Box Free + 1 Premium Box. Maximum of two Clans per Ally. Class changes by Quest or Community Board (Coins). Nobless just for Quest. Olympics at Level 55 as the only requirement. Olympics will be enabled on 02-01-2020. Raid Boss Retail (no modifications). Raid Berserk active at 15 minutes. Manor System deactivated. The Castles will be enabled on 02-02-2020. Clan Halls with Buff minimally improved. Premium quality Geodata and PathNode. Bounded sale areas. Third class skills require 31 Magic Tables. Anti-Flood system. Anti-DDOS system. Anti-Bot system. Autopickup. BALANCE Stun Chance 59.78% Sleep Chance 64.65% Paralysis Chance 61.43% Root Chance 62.54% P. Critical Chance 45.76% M. Critical Chance 34.43% DROP XP/SP: x5 Adena: x3.5 Drop Chance: x2 Spoil Chance: x2 Raid Boss XP/SP/Adena/Drop Chance: x3 Epic Boss XP/SP/Adena: x2 - Drop: x1 Quest Adena XP/SP/Adena: x3 Quest Chance/Reward: x1 Website: https://www.l2thrones.net Forum: https://www.l2thrones.net/index.php/us/forum_en Fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/L2classicthrones-112439376869988 Discord: https://discord.gg/SMe5U3m?fbclid=IwAR1NKfG73t4UuX35cBmvrLBtJ-oSvSztShJVtoeqcXH-_lU9Y8Qq6NQgAQI Whatsapp: https://chat.whatsapp.com/HTWKVr6bjtuH33nCFhOZc7
  2. My problem is with the level penalty, how do I remove it? # PARTY XP DISTRIBUTION # The first option can be set to auto, percentage, level, none. # When is "auto" member of the party receives less Exp / SP, where its level is low # If the party received a bonus for him (30% for 2 members of the party) # In this case, he will not get Exp / SP of the party, and will not receive a bonus party # Not used quite too high values of the parameter "percentage"! # Not used quite too low values of the parameter "level"! # If you do not want to be the distribution of XP for the members of the Party # Just put "none". Default:, 3.0, 30 PartyXpCutoffMethod = False PartyXpCutoffPercent = 3.0 PartyXpCutoffLevel = 30