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  1. In that case, the next best thing would be to take an interface with such a functionality and adapt it to the interface of your liking.
  2. Not elfo here, but his code has 3 options/voiced commands - FARMON, FARMOFF, and one that combines the two named only FARM.
  3. There is a guide on another forum, albeit in Russian. Google Translate works well enough to grasp the general idea. DM me on Discord for a link. SeaL#2852
  4. And it will quickly become a section full of spam. Instead, people should get a status/role update when they regularly upload assets that are missing on the forum.
  5. Thank you very much! Probably the best custom H5 map out there, imo! ❤️
  6. There is an issue with the character selection screen. And when you relog, you dont see the background but only black screen.
  7. Sure, that's what I'm doing but where would the problem lie? I would like to fix it because it not only gives this black section but also does not always work. Sometimes I have to drag it 5 times in a row for it to take effect. On a follow-up note, related to the request of MXC user a couple of posts before mine, - Would it be possible to make it so that players can toggle automatic use of spells on the shortcut bar, similarly to how Macro Loop works but without the restriction of having only 1 active LOOPed item at a time. - Would it be possible to replace the ITEMs tab with a tab for autopotion and auto-soulshots? Regarding both of the above, would it be possible to take them from a newer chronicle? They are present on Salvation 140p (the freely-distributed XDAT and *.U editing tools work for up to this client protocol version). The macro loop is again limited to one at a time but is triggered on the shortcut bar, so the macro window is not needed.
  8. I have an issue with resizing the minimap/radar. Any ideas how to fix it? Here is an example of what you see and then nothing happens. I mean, the minimap stays the same length/width.
  9. Greetings, dear MXCheaters! I spent a few hours today attempting to take SysTextures *.utx files from new chornicles (think Icons, user interface, etc) and make them usable with H5 client. It turns out, the process is as easy as it can be! This method has been tested with H5 client but could be working on other chronicles as well. Furthermore, it might work for other files as well, I just haven't tested it. Tools/programmes needed: 1 - L2Tool (acmi) 2- mxencdec disclaimer: clicking on the names of the tools will send you to download them from my personal google drive stash as the download links of the original shares might be broken. Now to the fun part. STEP 1: You download the files and extract them in a folder of your choice. I tend to use folders with directories (ex: D:\Client_Edit\UTX\). STEP 2: Copy the desired *.UTX file from the new chronicle and place it in the folder where you extracted the tools like so: STEP 3: - Open the L2Tool_acmi folder and run "starter.bat" and click on the button with two dots on the UTX row (shown as 1 on the screenshot below). - Open the desired UTX file. - Click on the "L2-> UnrealED" button of L2Tool (shown as 2 on the screenshot) and then save the file in the mxencdec folder. STEP 4: - Open mxencdec folder and DRAG AND DROP the UTX file on top of the MXENCDEC.exe and wait for the command prompt window to show you SUCCESS like so: STEP 5: Copy the newly encrypted file from the mxencdec folder to your Lineage 2's SysTextures folder and you are done. Credits go to Matrix (EDL Team) for mxencdec and to Aleksey Sazonov (acmi) for the L2Tool.
  10. It is like this on every server I tested, at least 5. Also, it cannot be server sided. The server only sends the operational code of what has to be displayed, in this case, which adena message the client should display. This is how every server pack I know of operates. Where do I find (place) the code you just shared? I do not have any interface-editing software. Does anybody have that issue fixed, and if so, would they be willing to share the fixed version?
  11. Does anybody know how to fix the issue with the glitched display message of adena acquisition? I've went through SystemMsg.DAT and everything looks good.
  12. Do you have it in English, and how much do you sell it for?
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