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  1. Hello, maybe someone have a code show npc crest for l2jfrozen newest rev (1132)? and can share with me
  2. u can write in my skype where i'm online everytime. : dualclass
  3. small npc doesn't go. Just biggest, and jus where is grass
  4. No . Spawned npc stay on the floor. But i dont know where i can search problem. Cuz today i try to delete my modifications, multifunction zone, quiz, hide and seek. A lot of more..
  5. Hello guys, i have problem when i spawn/rb/monsters where is a grass or etc, spawned npc and others going under floor Using geodata stazis, but tried and akumu, and others... But still problem didn't solve.. pack: l2jfrozen If anyone help me fix this , i will pay .
  6. Few npc working ant with default Z . there isn't problem Z
  7. lol.. not empty , checked. everything is fine
  8. My geodata enabled Stazis. give another geodata if u think there problem of geo # 2 = geodata and pathnode (search path) are included. GeoData = 2