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  1. Im starting playing in a freya server and i want to know if there are some bot for freya... L2Net, walker...
  2. I have tried it too. Other please.
  3. Im looking for a server with a lot of custom armors anda weapons, accesories, custom currency and custom crazy stats. No 17Heroes. Thx
  4. oh!! haha, its very impresive xD, ty for share
  5. ty for the servers, i will try the second server
  6. a lot of accidents :) very funny game
  7. ty for the list, its very helpfull for non users of the search xD
  8. or you can download a mod for change the crosshair...
  9. download the cs 1.6 and then download maps...
  10. i think you must save the stuff and not open it, maybe your firewall blocks temporal downloads
  11. there are servers that block this command, but not all :) ty for share