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  1. This isn't a joke Server grand opening 2012/2/10 ( Friday ) OMG L2 GoD Server ? Yes, it will be the first Private Server English GoD with almost every feature working. Tenkai is Unique L2 Tenkai is simply different, but not changing the meaning of this great game, Lineage 2. We have tons of adjustments, additions and improvements but they are here as a plus, not substitutive. You can play L2 normally without almost any difference from retail. Server Website: WWW.L2tenkai.Com About Server Custom stuff - Exp/SP/Adena rate: 5000x - Safe e
  2. Great job Thx for share :) I see it in other forums :) Cya
  3. lol you just edit stats all can do this Other time plz post scren shot Anyway thx