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  1. entered both in Russian and in English, the error is the same
  2. I use it . I enter the name - Test. your title cannot exceed 16 characters in length
  3. thank. I figured it out myself, now it starts up before creating a character.But when I enter the name of the character, it gives an error- your title cannot exceed 16 characters in length. regardless of the length of the name, tell me what is the problem?
  4. And it would be fine when there was an error when choosing a server, but it hangs on the server selection screen and nothing happens I use this pack. It does not let you further select the server.
  5. Sorry for my English . When the client starts, it hangs on the server selection window and does not let it go any further. What could be the problem?
  6. {EuroPTS} Glory Days by nexten https://mega.nz/file/EsJ2DBJY#PfPc-WMrqzV2_Y5bQp0ExiFX7EhAl-Jxi37oHvOEH60
  7. sorry for my english ! need Community Board Gracia Final ! available in the assembly does not work . Writes not started community server