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  1. PP 56 with DW, karmian set, dye +8 wit clean account 29 day. ==>90KK adena or 90 euro SK 60 femelle, cool name, naked, dye +8 con +4 wit. Boost xp: 100%xp x11 , 40% x7, 30% x40, and 3 box rune 100%xp Clean account 28 day. ==>80kk adena or 80 euro. pm forum or add my skype "iashari3"
  2. Pm offer or add skype "iashari3"
  3. Hey! Have woman ES 52 with _Avadon robe set _Crystal dagger othell 6 _jewel C And i need HE 50+ naked or stuff .
  4. Very good seller, thx for this best prestation :p Trusted !
  5. Really thx for Spoiler ! good trade, fast and clean !
  6. Hi pm forum for price, hi need femelle with good name.
  7. Hi i trade necro 51 80% Item: Full karmian, full jewel top luxury, dyes +12 wit, anchor and cdl up. But no weapon ! And i need pp 52 if possible. Add me skype "Abelena1" SERVER SKELTH
  8. Hi, i'm interested for Se 46+ Done ty guys !