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  1. Nowadays this group is employing willdestroy who had stolen several valuable items from Apex where he used to reside backdays as a player. I can confirm that the voices are identical and that the man behind a workplace at pufa's farm and Roman ( the willdestroy player ) is the very same one. Get lost, scammer bullshit.
  2. Haha. yes i missed that one :) Anyway im selling my bop and I am willing to buy ORFEN LVL 3 for euros on paypal ( no adena, my offer is real money ) Thanks in advance!
  3. Easy as that. Im willing to sell a Bow of Peril +14 on Skelth and buy Orfen lvl 3 on skelth ( paypal euros only ) Serious offers via pm or skype live:newplainswalker Thanks Can be vouched by those oldest and major on this server.
  4. As the title says Bow of Peril +10 on Skelth EU classic server is waiting for its new owner For all the infos PM or skype live:newplainswalker
  5. Hello! Willing to get all my topics in on and that what i have for sale : 1. Doomcryer 76 2. Dominator 76 3. Prophet 70 4.Lots of adena per 1 euro for 1kk All the toons and adenas are crisp clean, legitimately exped and farmed, come not from reselling but from an original owner. Middle-man from mxc possible if you pay for his work yourself All infos in skype live:newplainswalker Thanks in advance
  6. As the title says WC 76 and OL 76 I am the original owner of both of them all infos in skype : live:newplainswalker can be vouched by major persons
  7. Just like is written im selling OL 76 with full skillset and pp 70 with full skillset i am the original owner of both those toons, they werent ever banned or involved in any fishy situations for any info please add me in skype live:newplainswalker ( thierre t. ) or leave me a private msg
  8. WTS Bow of Peril +10 on Skelth skype is : live:newplainswalker (Thierre T. )
  9. Good day! I would like to inform you that we are selling cheap and safe services on Paagrio and Skelth Here is the list of what is available : Paagrio : Adenas ( up to 500kk ) and powerlevel up to level 76 - prices negotiable, always ask in skype for it Skelth: Adenas ( up to 250kk ) - special price 1.3 euro for 1kk ( cheapest on the market right now! ) Powerlevel - 1-45 - special prices if you purchase multiple toons. We work with paypal only; american dollars, GBP and Euros are the only currencies we ac