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  1. Nice PvP Rank System mate but for some reason all the Buttons (like Death Status or RPC Exchange) are not working at all for interlude server still looking the reason why :P
  2. Sorry guys was too fast to post fixed... i had a small mistake in config lock pls :P
  3. Hello guys so i got the following problem i added the Rebirth Manager from Trance on my sources from this link http://www.maxcheaters.com/topic/158570-trances-rebirth-manager/ changed a few things so that i will have no errors for example getAllskills to getSkills.values and so on but when i spawn the NPC and try to make a rebirth it says : You have arleady reached the maximum number of rebirths 3 bla bla bla you cannot make any more rebirths.... Now the problem is obviously that i do not have any rebirths so i really do not know why on earth it shows me this html... as far as i ca
  4. Hmm i really can't find it :P would you mind giving me some hints? :P
  5. Hello guys so i have the following problem i am trying to create, as the title suggests, PvP Zones that change after minutes, hours etc. Now the Problem is the following when one of these Random PvP Zones is not used i want it to be just a normal Zone... What i mean is that if at the time being another Zone is Random PvP Zone all other Zones should not give Flag so for example Current PvP Random Zone Primeval Isle: Now here Flag should be on! Not used PvP Random Zone for example Imperial Tomb: Now if a player is on the Imperial Tomb and inside the Zone that at the time is n
  6. Does this actually apply for xml i mean should i write if (name.equalsIgnoreCase("ArmorS")) return ? what the xml number/name for example 25040.xml
  7. Hello guys, so i would like to know how to create a combobox that reads xml for a GmShop so for example if on the list there is ArmorS then show player xxx.xml .... Does anybody know how this works i only found an example on AdminCreate in L2Jacis pack but it works with intregers so it is not quite the same could somebody give me an example or how is this supposed to be implimented on java... Thank you very much :P
  8. Ναι φυσικά γίνεται αρκεί να ξέρεις πως δουλεύει το pack που χρησιμοποιείς π.χ εάν έχεις l2jfrozen περνάς τα custom στην sql εάν όμως έχεις L2jacis περνάς τα custom με xml.. Στην ουσία το ίδιο πράγμα απλά το ένα το έχει στην sql και το άλλο σαν έγγραφο στο gameserver.. για να περάσεις τώρα π.χ ένα weapon από l2jfrozen σε l2jacis φτιάχνεις ένα xml αρχείο και βάζεις τις τιμές για το συγκεκριμένο όπλο τις οποίες μπορείς να τις δεις είτε από το sql αρχείο που έχουν τα custom items ή απλά παίρνεις, εάν για παράδειγμα θες να περάσεις ένα bow παίρνεις από το xml που έχει το dragonic το bow και αλλάζει
  9. Nah i have armorgrp.dat with the new armor the animations and systextures are there but the name is still missing :/ f*cked up story... Do you mind telling me what exactly i should do to fix it? I mean it is better if i know how to do it myself :P
  10. So i got the following problem: I added a few customs on the server now while out of 50 items the 40 are working a whole set of armor shows NoItemName.. since i had this problem again i thought well check again the ids, the names, take another itemname-e.dat and use it... well nothing of these things is working... while i encode the itemname-e.dat there shows to be no error and when i check the itemname-e.dat in the file it shows the items with the ids names etc..... so i changed itemname-e.dat as i already said but it did not work.. i changed file editor it still did not work, i check
  11. Nevermind just dropped it, it seems that the armors etheria where from a pack called excess what so ever and you can only use them with the whole armorgrp since it is encrypted with 613 which would mean you cannot use anything else... so just dropped and looking for something else :P Solved pls lock ty.
  12. Mate as i said the version of the encryption is 613 https://s28.postimg.org/vqhsglcn1/ver613.png Lel what does it matter? Hahahahah
  13. Hello guys so i have been looking throughout the world wide web for custom items,npcs etc and i found something rather intresting so in an armor i found the armorgrp.dat is encoded with ver 613 now i am not sure what this means and all i found on the internet is that you basicly need the original encrypt tool to decrypt it... is this true? Anybody knows if there is some other decryption tool for this kind of file or should i just delete the armor :P Meant to write weird :P on the topic :P