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  1. Gather your friends, sharpen your blades and minds for this amazing adventure. BloodBros | Low Rates Interlude You can read “About Us” here, there is everything you need to know: BloodBros | Low Rates Interlude » About Us Main Information: Server Platform: L2OFF Server Chronicle: Interlude (c6) Start: 2016/October/29 16:00:01 Game Rates: * XP/SP/Adena/Drop/Spoil (Chance): x5 * Materials amount rate: x2 * Manor Drop: Retail Quest Rates: * XP/SP Reward: x5 * Item/Adena Reward: x1/x5 * Seven Signs XP/SP Reward: x5 * Quest Item Drop Rate: x1 * Quest Materials rewards
  2. You missed one zero, J3lon.
  3. We are happy to announce that the beta testing is already launched. Please test our server and share your ideas, suggestions in the forum. Server rates in Beta will be the same as in Live version -x5, if you need level up, items or adena, just ask GM for a lift. If you cant find GM in game, post in forum shoutbox, and one of them will help you asap.
  4. Well, our experience showed that starting up in the summer time or close to it was not a success. Main reason being that most players are having a holiday, taking a rest camping and so instead of sitting near PC and playing while its hot and beautiful evening outside the window. And we're aiming for long stay, so you can join later. ;)
  5. We are proud to announce that we are bringing back our wonderful and grand 5x low rates server. As always, we are keeping our tradition with no p2w and no bots. We want to offer you our mature and friendly community with fun and unforgetable gameplay, which would remind you of good old times. We are planning to launch our server on 19/03/2016. The beta will start next week, so be ready for some testing. Gather your friends, sharpen your blades and minds for this amazing adventure. http://www.bloodbros.net You can read “About Us” here, there is everything you need to know: http://www
  6. There are no such "location", you need to manually edit npcdata.txt (or use 3rd party software), or you can use l2server.ini. To make a new store, you need to create new npc, html's, multisell and AI(also edit client, so the players can see it). Change safe/max rates of enchants is possible if your extender supports that kind of changes through configs that are provided with extender.
  7. L2Off Script Dev since 2007

  8. Can help you fix script issues, bugs with ai's, edit npc's and so on... Prices depends on work hours, and complexity of your idea/bug. Can create buffers/gmshop's/new npc/items, can edit client side, to add new stuff etc. Just ask, and i will answer if i can help you. Can work with no matter what pack you have AdvExt or Vangath, or some custom... :) Can provide full support with setting up/configure server in your VPS from A to Z. Feel free to contact me.
  9. Server information: Presenting to you, the Mid Rates -x25- Custom Interlude server http://www.bloodbros.net You can read "About Us" here, there is everything you need to know: http://www.bloodbros.net/?page_id=9 Main Information Server will start on the 2nd day of New Year on Friday, 2nd of January, 19:00(+2GMT) Main Information: There is a GM Shop up to S grade(Low A). There is a Buffer. (Only 1st and 2nd class buffs) There are Custom features, items. There is NO Corruption. There is NO DONATION for items, that would help you in game. 1st Class Change - free via
  10. Time passes rapidly and we are not sitting around. We want to delightfully announce that the day has come… Unfortunately, not the day of the server start, which is almost here, but the day of testing in 5x rates. So you have a brilliant opportunity to glance at our server from the inside. However in Wednesday we are going to shut down our server for only 2 days till the Grand Start of the server. 5x rates and server testing: 2014-04-21 – 2014-04-23 Server offline: 2014-04-23 2014-04-25 The Start of the Server: 2014-04-25 19:00 (GMT+3)