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  1. I'm not asking for the because i won't learn what i wish, in fact i don't learn anything. I'm just asking for help where to look for it or where can i get good tutorials for coding. Nobody has born with the knowlodge of java, so how much you live, you only needs time. Thank you for your suport
  2. Thank you once again for your help, this is very helpful.
  3. Thank Thank you for the info, i will look into it....
  4. i i`v made some custom zones, and i need to modify the mobs atk, df, drop etc. As for streaming, i`m looking for something that players can use in game, so they can stream over the twitch...., srry my english is not so good.
  5. A few years ago there was a tool that reduce the time for that, i know that editing from html/sql etc can be done, but with a good interface, the time spent for editing can be used for something else...
  6. For over 2 weeks i`m working on my l2 h5 server, i`v manage to do some custom things on it, i`m not a good developer, i could describe me as a newbie, in java, but i`m learning fast. Is the any chance that someone could share the streaming files(.stream comand in game and you are log in for stream ....) for l2j h5 server?
  7. I was searching over the internet for a good editor, of l2 files(h5) , what i`v found are full of bugs, or the link`s are dead. So, anyone has a good l2 database editor that could share?
  8. Thank you, i will use this in my server, as a Gm Shop :)
  9. Nice job, thank you for this share, i respect your decision that you don`t wana give the password to all of us, just to those who has posts in forum, but maiby some of us have choosen not to write on every post on this forum "nice, gj, ty, wow, etc". Me for example, i`m on this forum for over 3 years, i was reading, taking a peek on all that you guys share, for over 2 weeks, i decided to start a l2 server, soo, i bought some server files(clean ones), and no i`m starting to implement things in it.... This community board it`s heaven :P, but because i don`t have activity on forum, i won`t test it. Should i start comment on all the topics on the forum so i can make "activity"? Thank you, and once again, it looks awesom.... Good Job.
  10. Fast and trusted seller, i payed via paypal and he gave me the adena in 1 min. Thank you