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  1. Made a few transactions with this person in the past. Highly recommended. +++
  2. Rogue 102 / Archer 101 dual 16 AP on both ofc All exhalted quests done. 5 slot Brouch Four level 4 brouches (including Ruby, Amethyst, Obsidian) Three level 3 brouches (including Red Cat Eye) +10 Physical Reflect Shirt +10 Shiny Shirt Longing Talisman SOLD Lots of ++ skills on main and sub Augments: Giant Critical damage (+15%) / Giant Celestial and some other less important. I would like to sell this toon with the weapon, ++++ Blessed ama dagger 2ble SA with augment +15% Skill crit damage. Weapon estimated value is ~20b. But I can sell it separately as well. SO