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  2. Well you made yout bed in this one. You shouldnt use beta builds for main OS. As others told you windows 10 just isnt ready yet.
  3. I am looking for people to form a team for my upcoming Gracia Epilogue server. Theres allready a Test server up for everybody to test the files and see that i mean bussiness. Anyway, what im looking for is responsible people to be Gamemasters and Forum Moderators. If you are instrested pm me with some details about your self. Mostly i need people that are 18+ years old, can speak english fluently and have at least 2+ hours available every day. You can also find me at my website: Email: Skype: rstart.l2astir
  4. True that, plus technically all servers are homemade. O0
  5. This thermal paste with COOLERMASTER RR-GMM4-16PK-R1 GEMINII M4 Brought my AMD FX6300 4.1Ghz(OC) from 83c peak to 67c. When i play gta v for example it used to go 77c+ now it doesnt go above 60. Also have in mind it takes a few days until the thermal paste starts working properly.
  6. Maybe i am a monkey but i am monkey that can get stuff done on my own, instead of asking for help all the time for the simplest things. I was just trying to be helpfull and i used the work monkey to make a point but you didnt get it. I am not surpriced though. Good luck waiting for others.
  7. Even a monkey can do this, try googling it, it takes like 10 seconds to do it, and you will learn something usefull.
  8. There you go What i did with photoshop is to use the laso tool to circle the text and then i went to edit and filled it with the content aware option on.
  9. kalitera na xrisimopoieisis gia mysql kanena wamp i xampp, einai poli pio volika gia proetoimasia server.
  10. From what i understand this might be a way to recycle the economy too. I like these suggestions. In another note for anyone that is intrested there are a few of reasons why i want to make a low rate x1 server. - First, its easy to maintain, i prefer spending my time fixing a quest or something other related to the core l2 gameplay rather than to always try to "balanace" things and make a buggy mod stable as its often the case in a pvp server. - Second, its better in the longterm. I hate that servers these days always wipe every few months or players leave after the first olympiad period is over just because they didnt become hero and stuff like that. I want to make something that the players can consider as a home. - It will be easier for me to make low level gameplay more intresting, by adding new instances and events and stuff like that for low level players.
  11. Allright, so lets say i change the rates to x100, add gm shop and all that stuff, how about that? P.S: I asked on the first post "what kiind of server would you like to play?" instead i get a negative unpoductive response. I am open to suggestions.
  12. Dude dont you have anything more productive to say for anything?
  13. Hello there, im creating this topic in order to ask you guys what kind of gracia epilogue server you would like to play? Right now im planning to launch a retail like server (x1) with free botting, however i heard people are looking for a pvp epilogue server. What do you think?