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  1. Hello, I have freshly installed L2j frozen pack. I spawn 50019 (its default buffer). NPC is spawned but when html buttons pressed nothing happened. Any suggestions why? I have tried to check for init py file but i cant find it.. :)
  2. ao you want to say that acis is not good pack?? all I ever known was that acis is best.. specialy for MID rate server.. anyway i`m programmer, not the best cuz i was drunk all the time but still, I have fixed some shit with my knowledge of java. but python is not for me :) anyway why acis is bad? exclude (no cc ss dropable mobs, fucked up m attack speed and attack speed and etc small not working stuff)
  3. Hi, Can someone hint me where or what should I do to fix casting speed, attack speed? In example, this is bishop with casting speed 1450... blue reuse bar shouldn't even be visible... or if i have sorceror, prominence reuse faster than aura flare.. Ant this is about attack speed.. 700+ attack speed and i can use stunshot non-stop.. it should be like 1st stunshot -> 2 hits > 2nd stunshot Waiting for your answers buds.. and don't tell me that there is same topic because there is not. There was actually something similar but all links are dead and topic closed.
  4. you are working with acis but acis doesnt support python scripts or am I wrong? and you share npc's with py scripts.. :)
  5. here you go : LOL Its working now but i didint change anything just added log line... :D 6473 NPC templates.
  6. How? in gs/log? I think first corrupted file should be 27000-27999 because first missing template is 27002. p.s. i dont know what vanilla is or what it means. What if i will re-save all files with special xml editor?
  7. There is file with 2 npc wedding manager and buffer. Original by ACIS
  8. /* * This program is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify it under * the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software * Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or (at your option) any later * version. * * This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT * ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS * FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. See the GNU General Public License for more * details. * * You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License along with * this program. If not, see <>. */ package net.sf.l2j.gameserver.datatables; import; import java.util.ArrayList; import java.util.Collection; import java.util.HashMap; import java.util.List; import java.util.Map; import java.util.function.Predicate; import java.util.logging.Level; import java.util.logging.Logger; import; import net.sf.l2j.gameserver.model.L2Skill; import net.sf.l2j.gameserver.model.MinionData; import net.sf.l2j.gameserver.model.PetDataEntry; import; import; import net.sf.l2j.gameserver.model.item.DropCategory; import net.sf.l2j.gameserver.model.item.DropData; import net.sf.l2j.gameserver.templates.StatsSet; import net.sf.l2j.gameserver.xmlfactory.XMLDocumentFactory; import org.w3c.dom.Document; import org.w3c.dom.NamedNodeMap; import org.w3c.dom.Node; public class NpcTable { private static final Logger _log = Logger.getLogger(NpcTable.class.getName()); private final Map<Integer, NpcTemplate> _npcs = new HashMap<>(); protected NpcTable() { load(); } public void reloadAllNpc() { _npcs.clear(); load(); } private void load() { try { final File dir = new File("./data/xml/npcs"); final StatsSet set = new StatsSet(); final StatsSet petSet = new StatsSet(); for (File file : dir.listFiles()) { final Document doc = XMLDocumentFactory.getInstance().loadDocument(file); Node list = doc.getFirstChild(); for (Node npc = list.getFirstChild(); npc != null; npc = npc.getNextSibling()) { if ("npc".equalsIgnoreCase(npc.getNodeName())) { NamedNodeMap attrs = npc.getAttributes(); boolean mustUsePetTemplate = false; // Used to define template type. final int npcId = Integer.parseInt(attrs.getNamedItem("id").getNodeValue()); final int templateId = attrs.getNamedItem("idTemplate") == null ? npcId : Integer.parseInt(attrs.getNamedItem("idTemplate").getNodeValue()); set.set("id", npcId); set.set("idTemplate", templateId); set.set("name", attrs.getNamedItem("name").getNodeValue()); set.set("title", attrs.getNamedItem("title").getNodeValue()); for (Node cat = npc.getFirstChild(); cat != null; cat = cat.getNextSibling()) { if ("ai".equalsIgnoreCase(cat.getNodeName())) { attrs = cat.getAttributes(); set.set("aiType", attrs.getNamedItem("type").getNodeValue()); set.set("ssCount", Integer.parseInt(attrs.getNamedItem("ssCount").getNodeValue())); set.set("ssRate", Integer.parseInt(attrs.getNamedItem("ssRate").getNodeValue())); set.set("spsCount", Integer.parseInt(attrs.getNamedItem("spsCount").getNodeValue())); set.set("spsRate", Integer.parseInt(attrs.getNamedItem("spsRate").getNodeValue())); set.set("aggro", Integer.parseInt(attrs.getNamedItem("aggro").getNodeValue())); // Verify if the parameter exists. if (attrs.getNamedItem("clan") != null) { set.set("clan", attrs.getNamedItem("clan").getNodeValue().split(";")); set.set("clanRange", Integer.parseInt(attrs.getNamedItem("clanRange").getNodeValue())); // Verify if the parameter exists. if (attrs.getNamedItem("ignoredIds") != null) set.set("ignoredIds", attrs.getNamedItem("ignoredIds").getNodeValue()); } set.set("canMove", Boolean.parseBoolean(attrs.getNamedItem("canMove").getNodeValue())); set.set("seedable", Boolean.parseBoolean(attrs.getNamedItem("seedable").getNodeValue())); } else if ("drops".equalsIgnoreCase(cat.getNodeName())) { final String type = set.getString("type"); final boolean isRaid = type.equalsIgnoreCase("L2RaidBoss") || type.equalsIgnoreCase("L2GrandBoss"); final List<DropCategory> drops = new ArrayList<>(); for (Node dropCat = cat.getFirstChild(); dropCat != null; dropCat = dropCat.getNextSibling()) { if ("category".equalsIgnoreCase(dropCat.getNodeName())) { attrs = dropCat.getAttributes(); final DropCategory category = new DropCategory(Integer.parseInt(attrs.getNamedItem("id").getNodeValue())); for (Node item = dropCat.getFirstChild(); item != null; item = item.getNextSibling()) { if ("drop".equalsIgnoreCase(item.getNodeName())) { attrs = item.getAttributes(); final DropData data = new DropData(); data.setItemId(Integer.parseInt(attrs.getNamedItem("itemid").getNodeValue())); data.setMinDrop(Integer.parseInt(attrs.getNamedItem("min").getNodeValue())); data.setMaxDrop(Integer.parseInt(attrs.getNamedItem("max").getNodeValue())); data.setChance(Integer.parseInt(attrs.getNamedItem("chance").getNodeValue())); if (ItemTable.getInstance().getTemplate(data.getItemId()) == null) { _log.warning("Droplist data for undefined itemId: " + data.getItemId()); continue; } category.addDropData(data, isRaid); } } drops.add(category); } } set.set("drops", drops); } else if ("minions".equalsIgnoreCase(cat.getNodeName())) { final List<MinionData> minions = new ArrayList<>(); for (Node minion = cat.getFirstChild(); minion != null; minion = minion.getNextSibling()) { if ("minion".equalsIgnoreCase(minion.getNodeName())) { attrs = minion.getAttributes(); final MinionData data = new MinionData(); data.setMinionId(Integer.parseInt(attrs.getNamedItem("id").getNodeValue())); data.setAmountMin(Integer.parseInt(attrs.getNamedItem("min").getNodeValue())); data.setAmountMax(Integer.parseInt(attrs.getNamedItem("max").getNodeValue())); minions.add(data); } } set.set("minions", minions); } else if ("petdata".equalsIgnoreCase(cat.getNodeName())) { mustUsePetTemplate = true; attrs = cat.getAttributes(); set.set("food1", Integer.parseInt(attrs.getNamedItem("food1").getNodeValue())); set.set("food2", Integer.parseInt(attrs.getNamedItem("food2").getNodeValue())); set.set("autoFeedLimit", Double.parseDouble(attrs.getNamedItem("autoFeedLimit").getNodeValue())); set.set("hungryLimit", Double.parseDouble(attrs.getNamedItem("hungryLimit").getNodeValue())); set.set("unsummonLimit", Double.parseDouble(attrs.getNamedItem("unsummonLimit").getNodeValue())); final Map<Integer, PetDataEntry> entries = new HashMap<>(); for (Node petCat = cat.getFirstChild(); petCat != null; petCat = petCat.getNextSibling()) { if ("stat".equalsIgnoreCase(petCat.getNodeName())) { attrs = petCat.getAttributes(); // Get all nodes. for (int i = 0; i < attrs.getLength(); i++) { // Add them to stats by node name and node value. Node node = attrs.item(i); petSet.set(node.getNodeName(), node.getNodeValue()); } entries.put(petSet.getInteger("level"), new PetDataEntry(petSet)); petSet.clear(); } } set.set("petData", entries); } else if ("set".equalsIgnoreCase(cat.getNodeName())) { attrs = cat.getAttributes(); set.set(attrs.getNamedItem("name").getNodeValue(), attrs.getNamedItem("val").getNodeValue()); } else if ("skills".equalsIgnoreCase(cat.getNodeName())) { final List<L2Skill> skills = new ArrayList<>(); for (Node skillCat = cat.getFirstChild(); skillCat != null; skillCat = skillCat.getNextSibling()) { if ("skill".equalsIgnoreCase(skillCat.getNodeName())) { attrs = skillCat.getAttributes(); final int skillId = Integer.parseInt(attrs.getNamedItem("id").getNodeValue()); final int level = Integer.parseInt(attrs.getNamedItem("level").getNodeValue()); // Setup the npc's race. Don't register the skill. if (skillId == L2Skill.SKILL_NPC_RACE) { set.set("raceId", level); continue; } final L2Skill data = SkillTable.getInstance().getInfo(skillId, level); if (data == null) continue; skills.add(data); } } set.set("skills", skills); } else if ("teachTo".equalsIgnoreCase(cat.getNodeName())) set.set("teachTo", cat.getAttributes().getNamedItem("classes").getNodeValue()); } _npcs.put(npcId, (mustUsePetTemplate) ? new PetTemplate(set) : new NpcTemplate(set)); } set.clear(); } } } catch (Exception e) { _log.log(Level.SEVERE, "NpcTable: Error parsing NPC templates : ", e); }"NpcTable: Loaded " + _npcs.size() + " NPC templates."); } public NpcTemplate getTemplate(int id) { return _npcs.get(id); } /** * @param name to search. * @return the template list of NPCs for a given name. */ public NpcTemplate getTemplateByName(String name) { for (NpcTemplate npcTemplate : _npcs.values()) { if (npcTemplate.getName().equalsIgnoreCase(name)) return npcTemplate; } return null; } /** * Gets all templates matching the filter. * @param filter * @return the template list for the given filter */ public List<NpcTemplate> getTemplates(Predicate<NpcTemplate> filter) { return _npcs.values().stream().filter(filter).collect(Collectors.toList()); } public Collection<NpcTemplate> getAllNpcs() { return _npcs.values(); } public static NpcTable getInstance() { return SingletonHolder._instance; } private static class SingletonHolder { protected static final NpcTable _instance = new NpcTable(); } } P.S. I didint touch this file. i update original acis libs to my server.. still not working
  9. As I wrote the post with both ubuntu and windows console, in both there is that error but on windows all good, ubuntu not..
  10. Well as i said xml files are same in both servers.. i updated it 10 times.. i changed mod 777 for all folders subfolders and files.. As well I checked first missing ID and there code in xml file, aswell i tried to check xml syntax error on ID above that missing but its good.. :/
  11. Hi all, i created server on windows, i wen to ubuntu server, i upload all files thru FTP.. It works with no problem on windows, but on linux half of npc are not spawned... here is console: ---------------------------------------------------------------------=[ NPCs ] BufferTable: Loaded 1 players schemes. HerbDropTable: Loaded 2 herbs groups. NpcTable: Error parsing NPC templates : File: /home/admin/Desktop/Arena/gs/./data/xml/npcs/custom doesn't exist and/or is not a file. NpcTable: Loaded 4459 NPC templates. WalkerRoutesTable: Loaded 12 NpcWalker routes. DoorTable: Loaded 547 doors templates. StaticObject: Loaded 29 templates. L2Spawn: Random respawn delay for NPC id=21399 is higher than respawn delay. L2Spawn: Random respawn delay for NPC id=21399 is higher than respawn delay. L2Spawn: Random respawn delay for NPC id=21399 is higher than respawn delay. L2Spawn: Random respawn delay for NPC id=21399 is higher than respawn delay. L2Spawn: Random respawn delay for NPC id=21403 is higher than respawn delay. L2Spawn: Random respawn delay for NPC id=21403 is higher than respawn delay. L2Spawn: Random respawn delay for NPC id=21403 is higher than respawn delay. L2Spawn: Random respawn delay for NPC id=21403 is higher than respawn delay. L2Spawn: Random respawn delay for NPC id=21403 is higher than respawn delay. i checked npc xml files, theese are in.. btw this list is very long i coppied only few lines. WINDOWS SERVER CONSOLE : ---------------------------------------------------------------------=[ NPCs ] BufferTable: Loaded 1 players schemes. HerbDropTable: Loaded 2 herbs groups. SevenSignsFestival: Reinitialized engine for next competition period. SevenSigns: The Quest Event Initialization period has begun! SevenSigns: Next period change set to Fri Jan 05 12:58:36 GMT 2018 NpcTable: Error parsing NPC templates : File: C:\Users\Home\Desktop\Arena\gameserver\.\data\xml\npcs\custom doesn't exist and/or is not a file. NpcTable: Loaded 6474 NPC templates. WalkerRoutesTable: Loaded 12 NpcWalker routes. DoorTable: Loaded 547 doors templates. StaticObject: Loaded 29 templates. P.S. I was not able install fresh database so i have EXPORT my sql database and then import into Ubuntu... I have found topic like mine but there was no answer just "use fresh original acis pack from but the problem is that i use fresh.. i only created 1 npc, teleporter... Anyway database spawntabe and spawntable_4s has same rows like in windows.. i tried everything, checkout svn again, build, upload into UBUNTU SERVER and same story... no npc like gk or shop, just mobs and ch managers etc. Please any help.
  12. Hi man, I like your buffer.. everyone can re-design it. its totaly not ur business dont mind about wankers.. :) Just one question. I dont like method 1. Create Scheme. 2. Add buffs. I want ppl 1. Buff. 2. Save active buffs to scheme.. Im hard searching last 5 days but i cant find it anywhere... I seen it on servers like, Any suggestions how to do it?