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  1. Thank you very much for this post, i tried do make mine and its pretty time consumming, i'll ask you for pw in mp, have a nice day !
  2. Hello ! First of all thank you for answers, To answer at Solumn first, I'm not very good in programming so i checked on the Net and tried to modify them with "Cavaj" but i think i should decompile them first no ? And to answer at Tryskell, What do you mean by "Regular sources" ? My L2j Pack is old since they closed their website, i think its a 2009 pack so .. ( I saw you're french too, and i don't know if i can speak in french in the forum directly, so i ask you if i could speak with you by pm and if you could explain me ? If you got time off course ^^ Would be fantastic :) ) Once again, th
  3. Hi ! I readed a lot of tutorials on this forum and i'm actually having fun creating a private server (l2j), i don't have any real ambitions about the server but i'm just having fun and learning new things by the way. It's been days since i'm searching a way to change the lv cap. (I'm working on Gracia final). - I searched in gamerserver => l2jserver.jar => net/sf/l2j/gamerserver/model/base/Experience.class I tried to change it with Cavaj and then looked at PlayableStat.class too, But here i got problems, 1) It just litterality doesn't work 2) When i change these 2 .class, all Admin com