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  1. BETA Mode Lineage 2 AncientHeroes starting at 14 August 2015 hour 08:00 AM (UTC+02:00) Video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cN-SB_wesdM Features Client: Interlude Type: PvP XP: 1000x SP: 1000x Starting LvL: 80 Max LvL: 89 Subclass: 80-89 Acumulative Skills ______________________________________ Custom Enchant System: Safe enchant: +4 Max enchant: +20(Normal Itms) +10(Custom Itms) Enchant rate decreases every enchant level with -3 or 5%. Chance:100%(Normal Itms) 75%(Custom Itms) Augmentation Chance:20% with Top For more info visit www.L2AncientHeroes.com
  2. Hy my friends i need your help.Why i got this error? :-\
  3. Rates: XP 100x / SP 100x / Adena 100x./Drop 15 Server: C4 server played via Interlude Client. Gold style server but with Eazy Farming. Gameplay: No weight limit, buffs 2h, subclasses & dyes are disabled, rebirth system, no class change quests and increased movement speed on all classes. Rebirth System When a character becomes level 78, he can go to the rebirth manager located in Aden and Giran. If you click on the rebirth manager and choose to rebirth then your character will be reset to level 1, with this you will also lose your normal skills (not your gained rebirth skills). When you ha
  4. Helo guys i need a Anti bot for L2j Frozen 1004 can u help me?ty:D
  5. Hy guys i am making a Lineage II Interlude server with a L2Jfrozen 1118_M Platform and it works,but some of the players can't login because of the GameGuard error 122.what can i do so that they can login too? PRINT WiTH GAMEGUARD ERROR 122 http://picz.ro/img/7cda53.jpg