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  1. wody seriously we know who is the best clan and it was AlkatraZ
  2. who will be the idiot which will buy pride pack interlude from u :D ????
  3. Looking for a PRIDE STYLE SERVER {INTERLUDE} please if there is any l2pride style servers online send me the website :poker face:
  4. ion website not work everywhere i click it just open me main page. .. really i looking too for any pride style server but interlude :)
  5. ur own pack nah :D u`re so stupid and copy leaf nicks ...
  6. hey mate do you have codo for this instance to be avaliable for 1 hour daily ?
  7. Hello guys can some1 to create me java code for L2instance Kamaloka Labyrinth of Abyss i wanna it for L2Jpack interlude and to be avaliable once time per day example from 15:00 gmt+2 to 16:00
  8. guys can give me any link from where i can download database for server like l2 gold
  9. Hello :) i am looking 4 server like l2 gold pls dont asnwer me with l2 avellan and gold us
  10. nz i az brat no iam database na l2 finest samo hoster mi trea :D