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  1. Waiting for this server. Is going to be succesfull!:) dont forget 23th April Open beta!
  2. Hello, I have 6kkk adena to sell 1kkk price 3$ Buy all = 15$ If dont like price, offer Pm or skype djzuntukass Or trade to rpg rur
  3. DC r set +4 A mage blunt + acumen +3 8k aden = 15 euro. Skype: djzuntukass
  4. Hello everyone Need working c4 bot/walker, auto farmer or etc. If you have or know any bot please share or contact me for working bot i can pay in paypal or just share
  5. GRAND OPENING 2016.06.24 Lineage II Scions Of Destiny C4 http://www.l2gold.net INFORMATION Experience (XP): x45 Skill Points (SP): x50 Drop (Adena): x50 Autoloot / auto-learning skills 24 slots for buff. Weight limit is increased for all characters. Speed is increased for all characters. Refining System Rebirth System Tattoos Sub Class No Dyes NPC Buffer & Buffs NPC Buffs 1 hour Pet Buffs 2 minutes 3rd Class buffs 5 minutes Ressist buffs 5 minutes Oympiad Olympiad time: 18:00-19:00 GMT+2 Olympiad period 7 days Olympiad is non class based. A Grade Items No limit enchant Boosted Hero Weapons Class Change As soon as your character is lvl20/lvl40/lvl76 or above, you are able to do the 1st/2nd and 3rd occupation change. This can be done at the NPC job changer “Carola” who stands next to the church entrance in Aden, Giran & Goddard Castle Town. Craftable S Grade SA Special Abilities on S grade weapons can be obtained through craft. The recipes you need are dropped from mobs in Imperial Tomb & Elven Fortresse. You will need a Warsmith/Maestro lvl 78 with create lvl 8 in order to use the recipes. Noblesse L2 Gold has it’s own noblesse system. Once you have completed 3 rebirths you need to collect various items from the following raid bosses in order to become a Noblesse. GRAND OPENING 2016.06.24 http://www.l2gold.net
  6. ARE YOU BORED TO CHANGE YOUR SERVER EVERY WEEK ??? YOU WANT TO PLAY LONG TIME WITH NO WIPE, WHERE IS A LOT OF ACTIVITY??? FULL CLANS PVP CASTLE SIEGE? RAID BOSS FIGHTS ACTIVE GM EVENT??? BEST ANTI - BOT SYSTEM? www.L2Gold.us Rates: -XP 45x / SP 45x / Adena 50x./ Spoil x5 The best server, with modifications, custom game play and more fun. Where you will play forever!!! L2Gold is waiting for you!
  7. Hello everyone. I want to sell 800 DP , 30KKK, Vorpal leather set +66654 1800 atr Feathered eye blade +4 + focus + 300 Frinteza neclas Vesper noble leather set +6 full - 750~~~ atr Vorpal ring 4x characters for instances + main berserker with+30 skills. Skype: djzuntukass //cheap