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  1. +1 for this server It's totally true that they care about server,almost every 2 days there is changelogs. Seems stable,and i have to say that there is proper balance finally on a high rate pvp server keep up the good work,cheers.
  2. players online? action on pvp zone?
  3. yeah,but how i could know how to install it on my l2 folder? it's on ru lang.
  4. how much activity? enough ppls online to spend some time on pvp?
  5. any english system plix plox? i can't use the updater on ru language,could u upload a full english system?
  6. Yo there,first of all,good luck,seems like a promising project I have a problem,i can't create forum account. I do not receive confirm mail,could u check it please? i tried to register over 10 times!
  7. already did,anyway i always used to spend some time and have fun in your servers,GL!
  8. btw,your forum is totally ugly. Please change it with a professional one. Forum reminds me your paint skills :gusta: Peace&love!
  9. just in ur dreams apocalyps had 1k real online,not even close :) there isn't any 2016 EU server with 1k REAL online ,so,once again,gtfo!
  10. wow,u're so badass i bet you're a gay faggot. now suck me and gtfo p.s. what true? server ain't online yet,and u writing this sentence of every mid rate server,btw,all servers have more online than your g@y server. mongolian kid.
  11. u're writing this on every mid-rate server. maybe a fan? or a g@y hater? :-X P.S. saw u're working for other mid rate "server" (i wont say the name cause i'll advertise that thing you calling "server" ) empty as fuck. i'm sure you're not a dev,actually,you have no clue how to work. Your work is to write shits on others threads thinking that people will believe you,guess what,no one cares for your opinion. G.O. today,hope everything fine! cheers