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  1. baggos but with armor echant wwe have one prob if you find answer tell me and i fix it the prob is if you got +16 armor getEffectAbnormal but if ArmorRemove abnormal effect stay..
  2. Hello Mxc,Today Ill Show You Some Codes I think Some Off this Is Not Shared Or Is shared Before 2009. First ill Show You Enchant armor auto get abnormal effect When you have enchanted your armor +16 there will be show an abnormal effect if you want you can change it! l2character.java search for abnormal effects Go at inventory.java after this line "+armorSet.getEnchant6skillId()+"."); add this if (armorSet.isEnchanted16(player)) { player.startAbnormalEffect(L2Character.ABNORMAL_EFFECT_STEALTH); } before this line if(removeSkillId1 != 0)
  3. ti pack xisimopoieis..frozen,acis,server h kati allo?
  4. katarxin kai na theloume na se voithisoume den boroume logo tou post sou kai tin analisi tou mas dinis files vasika names apo files kai les oti exeis errors...ok
  5. an evales auto akrivos akrivos apokliete na doulevei hopzone sto upografo
  6. URLConnection con = new URL(Hopzonelink).openConnection(); con.addRequestProperty("User-Agent", "Mozilla/4.76"); isr = new InputStreamReader(con.getInputStream()); br = new BufferedReader(isr); vres ta errors egw ena komati tha s dikso :P magkes den to sinisto hopzone dont work
  7. check your L2MassSiegeManagerInstance.java ... there is 14 errors inside :) fix em
  8. hahahaha kids.. :) an account isn't only for one ;) crap...crap is your face dude