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  1. Does anyone have a site rank, or top site that I can share?
  2. Cheapest and most dedicated 24/7 dedicated servers for games nortehost
  3. What line do I start? https://github.com/Elfocrash/L2jRoboto/blob/master/src/com/elfocrash/roboto/FakePlayer.java
  4. how do I get the bots to catch the target of the player / pk / flag /
  5. I can not make the bots attack play flags someone can help.
  6. Hello, how would you put it to sell also the weapons with skill of argumets to sell?
  7. onde devo colocar esse mods na acis 350 alguem tem?
  8. Good morning I'm interested in these tests, I have little experience in acis, plus I know add mods, and I already did some pre.
  9. этот дескриптор файла в Java 7? и сжатый пойманы в Java 8 с Gameserver банку, который находится в молнии в проекте? Does this file handle java 7? And the compressed handle in Java 8? With gameserver jar that is zipped in project? My java is 1.8 How do I call Ta giving error !!!