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  1. Europeans make to easy to farm server like 1 week or 2 everybody deals same damage no need to farm just bigger zerg wins epics olympiad restricting to +6 is shit also
  2. server forum is shit unless it is russian forum like rpg otherwise its crap
  3. yeah donated 10 euro for adrenaline )))))))))) blblblblblblblbl
  4. mucho online here ? worth to come nigers?
  5. or make unban donatable :P like rpg club lel
  6. nvm admin better puts jail for 3 hours bot paradise :D
  7. As title says i sell: 1) Archmage (85lvl+Nobless+3subs 75lvl (DA,WC,PS all skills enchanted to 12+,13+ , 23 buff slot). 2) Vesper noble set 1500att without holy,dark 120att. 3) Vorpal earrings 2x , vesper neclase +4, 2x moirai rings. 4) Vesper Caster 300att Fire . 5) Adena 3eu-100kk (5kkk stock ) cheapest price atm. Paypal only
  8. Wts adena 5kkk in stock price negociable for more info Skype : marder29 only Paypal
  9. Wts 85lvl adventurer 10x Vorpal light set 1800att +pvp, Icarus dual daggers +4 300 fire att , Olympiad earring, Olympiad Ring, Earring of zaken, Necklase of Frintezza, and other jewel like vorpal , Red 14lvl, Turtle ascetic pet. Valakas cloak Vesper Shaper. Few weapons with augument refresh,heal 3sub certifikates: Celestial ,Haste ,ud, Full forgottens learned. All skills +10 +12 just bleed +27 and lethal blow 15+ with focus power +15 If interested message me on skype: marder29 Paypal
  10. Character has Vorpal light set 6+ 1800att , vesper fighters 4+ 300 att ,Vorpal vesper jewel , frintezza neclase , 10/30+ skills, zaken cloak . Price: 30Euro And changing them to other server donate coins pm me to skype: marder29