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  1. Hello people from Maxcheaters! I'm going to introduce you to Anonloked Beta, We worked on this a lot of time to get on this point So we are happy to announce our features. Features Anonloked is a Beta VPN Server that has the following key features. Newbie Friendly : Opening Anonloked instantly connects you to a vpn server. Speed : The fastest vpn on the market. When the official Anonloked will be released it will not be free. Download beta now : Password : beta If you have any problems or recommendations let us know! :) Anonloked Team.
  2. This guy just blows my mind... he really fcking loves what he's doing, he offered me to change my web template he also fixed some of l2pack problems for free! So trusted for me! +1
  3. Looks good! I'll join 100%
  4. Ok i wrote the code by myself so i needed help from someone to what to change to make it work and what i did wrong..
  5. @Override public boolean doDie(L2Character killer) { if (!super.doDie(killer)) return false; { if (this.getNpcId() == 13016) killer.teleportto(20808,145755,-3144); { player.sendMessage("You are the lucky one!"); return; } this doesnt work, it gives me errors what do i need to change? i want to make when a mob(13016) gets killed the player who killed it to be teleported to the location above
  6. if(player.getKarma() <0 && Config.PROTECTOR_PLAYER_PK||player.getKarma() >0 && Config.PROTECTOR_PLAYER_PK||player.getKarma() == 0 && Config.PROTECTOR_PLAYER_PK||player.getPvpFlag() != 0 && Config.PROTECTOR_PLAYER_PVP) how to change it so it will kill people with karma & flag people with white name (no flag,pk) to not get killed i tried everything please help..
  7. Looks awesome! nice trailer btw
  8. nope i didnt .. when i change the respawn time on mobs "l2monster" it changes perfectly but when i do it on raid bosses it doesnt work..
  9. the thing is , it doesnt make any change.. i know the retail is 10 .. i'm trying to make a boss and change he's respawn time and it always stays at 10 ... :\
  10. How can i make a specific mob id drop the items on ground? all the other mobs with the type L2Monster autoloot the items, but i want to make one mob to drop the items on ground..? if i make it L2RaidBoss respawn time doesn't work and it respawns every 10 seconds! help!?!
  11. How can i make this: Let's say there's a boss if it gets killed i want everyone who participated to get teleported to main town (giran) or something similar to that...
  12. Does anyone know how can i make a teleport that needs an item id to let me teleport? pack l2jfrozen