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  1. there is more stuff to get fixed on "crack" i will update soon
  2. I agree with you, and when i reply was with some agreement but i don't fully express because i was at work and i reply from mobile. Its not easy but its not impossible to recreate l2-scripts and you have to agree with that, its hard work but its not impossible :P Im not saying that i will re-code and "clone" l2-scripts, cause i don't have project or server so i don't care about sources, you said that im trying to interrupt your business, maybe its a bad business selling revs cause you will never be paid 100% for the work and you always will have the oposite of it, the leaks, the shares, e
  3. If it have more protection i find it, And Dont be mad about your Rev. Be leaked cause your "professional team" also do leaks from others. About The source a good coder can decompile it And recode The missing parts And have very similar to yours.
  4. Im not sure but i think even l2-scripts clients Dont have access to source
  5. Ok im working, where i get back home i crack h5
  6. Revision 8508 allowed to use EXTERNAL F*cking ip without need to pay anything :) Soon as the last version got leaked and shared i will crack it again :) Enjoy the it! Download: http://www.mediafire.com/?0u54336orj1gv76 JAR Only for who are getting troubles using the full pack. http://www.mediafire.com/download/51y1hy4w349i4fq/gameserver.jar