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  1. what's the difference where and how much the project buys ads? How should this affect the purchase of ads on l2topzone? I, for example, see lawlessness on the part of the l2topzone administration.
  2. With this modification, the game has more FPS
  3. They are not going to apologize, just like they delete messages on the forum.
  4. Miner is a floor of trouble, in the client the code which carries out substitution of a crypto purse in the clipboard was also noticed. This is real theft.
  5. Who even understands the code a little, it will be quite clear that the client has miner. First, deal with the situation, and then protect someone.
  6. -Download- L2-Scripts High Five 5 09.07.2014 (Last Rev) owned by DemiX Original assembly. Binding is present. Who unbind her, i will be very grateful !!! bind here l2s.gameserver.utils.Clients.java "
  7. wts 1kkk + zaken hat skype darkempire14