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  1. oti leei to title pm mono apo trusted members euxaristw
  2. i dont know what goes wrong between you and him and i dont care,i make a deal with him he pays and he earn his items so simple without complications etc,i have my own customers buying from me and just ppl reccoment me after each deal we make i dont reccoment someone but only for our deals ! anyway plz dont spam my topic if you have any problems with some users,there is moderators or report section to do it tnx in advance
  3. dont spam my post with trash if someone scam you use report section + proofs about what you say about this user i never make a deal with you so you cant talk for me like that,im serious seller and no one has disapoint from me so far p.s i got users that they can reccoment me about our deals and i can reccoment them for our deal and only,need too much brain for this?
  4. adenas stock updated,continue with trusted sales feel free contact me
  5. owl im scammer or l2halloffame?i think our last trancaction is going well whats wrong?
  6. sell on l2 bnb server accounts: 1.tyrant lvl 78 no sub done 2.spellhowler 80 noblesed/sub gladi 79 3.shillen elder 78 (pow learned) note:all accounts given with mail etc items dc robe set (+4/3/3/3) dc robe set (no enchantmend parts) sold tateossian jewels set sold arcana mace clear sold arcana mace+3+acu som+acu+3 sold draconic helmet draconic gloves draconic boots sold imperial crusader set unseald adenas there is many stock available feel free to ask me how many you need new prices pm for infos in skype
  7. the best buyer/seller around +++++ for another time