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  1. trusted, trusted and again trusted.... so simple!!!! 1000%
  2. Thank you all for your Suggesions about the Beta server plus i want to thank you all players who has been tested successfully our Beta server. Beta Server has opened so people can test, and see the feautures of the server and choose to play or not. Our Team will not use any forum, there is an support panel that you can speak direct with our HGM, Admin and Developers for any problem you have in game. The Premium buffer will be stay as it is. so if you wish you can take an premium account and help the server growing faster. Any more questions will be answered at http://support.l2dex.com from our GM Team. Thank you all for your Suggesions and we hope to see you all in game.!
  3. All donate items can be earned by vote or pvp so i think it is ok, about the bot if you want you can use it.. its -20 lvl by our gm team. so you can risk it. and your name is?
  4. Here we have it, a rare server the likes you'll probably never see. Active developers, a community that's growing fast; and a name that'll grow to be on the tip of everyone's tongue. The server is Gracia High Five platform with 100% Working Instance - Stable Geodata - Don't miss out. BETA OPEN 15-02-2014 18:00 GMT +2 GAME FEATURES Rates and Experience General Rates has been modified in order to make game easier. Experience and Sp has been set x20. Getting x10 mats per mob will make the craft system a funny thing (dont worry about weight limit we deal with it and change it x3!!). At our GM Shop you can find the Basic Mats to begin your craft: Spoil Rates have been set the same, x10. Adena is x15. The Quest General rates reward is x2 for experience and Adena. Some important quest have been modified in order to give 3 items instead 1, and chance has been increased. The SealStones amount has been increased x10 Skills and Classes Skills Updates All Skills are updated and Tested to latest Retail. Npc Changes Baium Raid Changes The Level of Baium has been increased from 75 to 85, their stats have been also increased. Droplist for Baium have been updated, being able now to drop S84 grade Items. Valakas Raid Changes Droplist for Valakas have been updated, being able now to drop S84 Elegia and Top grade Weapons. RaidBoss SpawnTime adjustement Baium Spawn Time: 72 Hours +/- 4 Hours Freya Easy: Players must be minimum LvL 78 and minimum Players to Enter 11~27 Freya Hard: Players must be minimum LvL 80 and minimum Players to Enter 18~45 Frintezza: Players must be minimum LvL 78 and minimum Players to Enter 18~45 Orfen Spawn: 24 Hours +/- 2 Hours Queen Ant Spawn: 18 Hours +/- 6 Hours Antharas Spawn: 120 Hours -/+ 8 Hours Valakas Spawn: 120 Hours -/+ 8 Hours Zaken 60 lvl Instance Day Time Minimum players 7 max 27 Zaken 83 lvl Instance Day Time Minimum players 7 max 27 Zaken 60 lvl Instance Night Time Minimum players 18 max 45 Knoriks Spawn: 15~30 Min Server Extra Details: GoD Auction House Manager (located to every town) Heroes Every 15th and 1st (2 Times per Month) Free Subclass (no Quest for Subclass need.) Free 1st, 2th, and 3rd Class Quest. Max Subclass 85 LvL Offline Shop can be store up to 6 Items for Buy/Sell Limited 3 Clients per IP Allowed (If you are from an Internet Coffee send us an email with your Static IP to Lift the limitation of 3 Client/IP) Olympiad Participate per IP: 1 Event Participate per IP: 1 Clan Members Require for War: 5 Trade Chat Global Max Olympiad Matches per Week: 30 Command: .changepassword (you are able to change your password in game.) Command: .expoff/.expon (that stop getting experience points) Command: /Unstuck 20 sec Free Global Gatekeeper to every Town Town War - Auto Event Every Day TvT Event (RED vs BLUE Team) Auto Event Engine Every 12 Hours Vote System Reward (Event - Medals & Event - Glittering Medals) Vote Reward Manager GM Shop for Players Normal NPC Buffer (26+12 Buff Slots 2 Hours) Chaos NPC Buffer (Premium Account - 26+12 Buff Slots 2 Hours Enchated Buffs & Resists) NPC Exchange (You can trade Misc Items) Antifeed for pvp/pk/Reputation Points Antifeed Dualbox Improved A.I. NPC - Retail Some Photos: Beta Coming on 15-02-2014 GMT +2 Closing Beta Estimated: 20-02-2014 20:00 GMT +2 Estimated Final Opening Date: 22-02-2014 20:00 GMT +2 Visit us: Main Website: http://www.l2dex.com Support Panel: http://support.l2dex.com Account Manager: http://acm.l2dex.com General Information: info@l2dex.com https://www.facebook.com/lineage.highfive.5 We hope to see you all there!