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  1. hahaha best answer.How can I rep this guy xD! Actually freemium is a very good way to make some money and discouraging ppl from leaching codes and selling them..Also not mistaken Tryskell is rewarding members with somekind of membership for contributing which is a *thumbs up* from me. Before you judge anyone,try getting into his possition.All these guys do these projects for Hobby.And its not a bad idea to make some money from it. Acis is a very good pack imo frozen too. Frozen is heavier due to custom stuff while acis is clean and "New User" unfriendly not "user" let me correct that
  2. go to tools/databaseinstaller.bat and open it with notepad the you need to change the red lines REM Please, type here you dir to mysql directory \bin. Example : C:\Program Files\MySQL\MySQL Server 5.1\bin set mysqlBinPath=C:\Program Files\MySQL\MySQL Server 5.7\bin Change this to your MySQL Server Path\bin set DateT=%date% REM Configurate database connection loginserver set lsuser=your database username set lspass=your database password set lsdb=l2jals set lshost=localhost REM Configurate database connection Gameserver set gsuser=your database username set gspass=your database
  3. So it is not as simple as I thought like editing min/max allowed protocol versions?
  4. Is it possible to connect through the Classic Client in an Interlude Server?How to accomplish? Example:I am running an aCis server at the moment in my machine but Interlude Graphics feel old and I wish to play in a Classic Client. PS:I read something about downgrading gameplay from a GoD Server but I prefer using aCis at the moment. Thanks in advance
  5. I was trying to create a lan server for my InternetCafe but datapack does not exist..
  6. Excuse me where is the datapack in the source? :P How am I supposed to log in w/o datapack xD Did I miss something,any clue??
  7. Νομίζω δεν υπάρχουν,έχουν διαγραφεί
  8. Συγνώμη για την noobia μου τώρα αλλά,έχω σπάσει το κεφάλι μου και είμαι και άυπνος τόσες ώρες μόλις σχόλασα.Υπάρχει τρόπος να βάλουμε ελληνική γλώσσα στο chat του Interlude;
  9. Ελπίζω να μην είναι και αυτό outdated nevermore γιατί θα ξενερώσω.
  10. Γεια χαρά σας maxleachers,εννοώ maxcheaters :P Τα πολλά λόγια είναι φτώχεια,βρήκα αυτό πριν λίγο καιρό και έλεγα να το κρατήσω μόνο για μένα.Ναι είναι τόσο σκατά που πάρτε το και κάντε ότι νομίζετε.Είναι το Silver Pack του Sunrise,διαβάστε και τα txt και τα readme. ΥΓ: Το pack το βρήκα 9 μέρες μετά το upload και δεν είναι source.Είναι το Silver plan που πουλάει ο NeverMore.Εγώ θα το έκανα open source,αλλά ευτυχώς που υπάρχουν κορόιδα και αγοράζουν packs από έναν πιτσιρικά που ανάθεμα αν έχει περάσει java εργαστήριο. ΥΓ2: Το να βάζεις άλλους να σου γράφουν την Java ή το να αλλάζεις το Author δ
  11. Excuse me madocter but mobius I checked and worked.Are you sure you know how to compile it,mr.l2off?
  12. The first is the same but including source code and the second is the Mobius source.Both heavily outdated and with missing features,but source is always better than precompiled packs.(at least if you enjoy reading/writing java and driking coffee from 12am to 8am xD). Edit:I spam everywhere so I can get some posts O0
  13. The Classic Client ,I edited and posted some more links. I am not forcing you to use it :P
  14. Excuse me but.Before you play smart I already said 1)"Most of stuff in both projects are missing,need to be rewriten or fixed" 2) so I share them for those who want to check how a Classic Server looks like. 3)I really hope to see some open source projects around these files soon. If you still did not understand the point of the share please look "2)" Ps:I know you have your own classic server running but stop discouraging people.With a ton of work from some Java Devs these projects could be decent enough. Ps2:Personally I refuse to buy Classic Files for ridicullus prices at the mome