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  1. Who know witch CP use servers like: Ketrawars, la2mega, ?
  2. Looking for HopZone Individual vote manager fix. Script read information from website, but dont confrim it.
  3. Pack must be fully tested and working! Also write all pack functions! With offers and contact info write me PM.
  4. Need to buy best l2off server files, someone know where get it?
  5. This server is l2live/l2avake/l2alive owner new project created just for money, 1 week and server will be offline.
  6. Hi all. Previous month i asked reviews about DDOS-GUARD quality. ( ) I decided to take a risk and try to use DDOS-GUARD. And it was the biggest mistake of my life. First off all they are liars, before i started to use i write to support and asked about quality/stability/latency to players and etc. And they said that servers are stable, players dont have any latency, and ddos protection is 100%. And in website writing ''PROTECT ALL 100%''. I can say that they are -beep-ing liars, because players in server always having big latency, cant connect, receives mass dc, and this shit hapening all the time, all players leaving server, because they cant play, lag is so big that they cant even move. I speak to other DDOS-GUARD users and they say that having these problems to. SO DONT WASTE YOUR TIME AND MONEY. DONT USE WWW.DDOS-GUARD.NET
  7. Hi all, i`m using Hyperfilter, and i have problems with connect to server, many players can`t connect to server, or getining mass dc and etc shit... Where is the problem? I`m using pack.