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  1. how come that it's impossible to register an account ? @L2DamageCom
  2. @Celestine are u still recruiting fresh meat?
  3. AS i said.. the color patch it's different from the RU system folder.. much fair :/ and also the .menu menu it's in russian aswel..
  4. Celestine i have a request (don't know if it's already in the process anyway) since the systemmsg-e.dat file (color chat and daamage/drop) it's realy well done.. it is possible to have it translated to english aswel with the new patch?
  5. How much left for the English patch?
  6. L2FinalFight x10 Interlude Server opened 29/5/2013 is waiting for you to join. Server Features: Client Supported: Interlude Game Rates: XP/ SP/ Drop/ Spoil: x10 Adena: x12 Party XP/ SP: x1.5 Manor Drop: x2 Epic Jewels Drop Chance: x2 Weight Limit: x2 Quest Rates: XP/ SP/ Adena Reward: x2 Item Reward: x2 Quest Item Drop Rate: x4 Retail enchant success rate, safe +3(full body armor +4) and max +16 Gameplay Security: Full Anti-Bot/ Anti-Hack System. Gameplay Related: Buffs Time - Buff 1 hour/Dances and songs 30min/Summon buffs 30min. Auto Loot (Auto Pickup) enabled. Autolearn skills(Except Divine Inspiration you will need spellbooks to learn these skills). Quest for 1st and 2nd Class change is not needed 3d Class is retail like Varka & Ketra raid bosses have respawn time 8 hours Quest for Subclass is not needed Quest for Noblesse is retail like Flame Of Splendor Barakiel required for Noblesse has respawn time 6 hours Olympiad period : 1 Month. Olympiad min players: 5 (Non-Classed). Olympiad min players: 5 (Classed). Offline Private Stores: Set your private store and click Exit Delevel Manager in Schuttgart. Wedding Event. Blacksmith of Mammon & Merchant of Mammon always on in Giran. Automated events every 3 hours. Shift+Click to see droplist in game. Game Server: CPU: AMD Opteron™ 3280 Quad Core 8x 2.4 GHz RAM: 24Gb DDR3 HDD: 2x Seagate SATA2 1500Gb Connection: 1Gbps Unlimited International OS: Debian GNU/ Linux 6.0