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  1. Δεν πειράζει, τουλάχιστον δεν είσαι μαύρος.
  2. Aνυπομονώ για το content φίλε μου <3
  3. δεν το έλεγα σε εσένα φίλε μου
  4. Bump, willing to offer a small token of gratitude(10 euros via paypal) for anyone that helps me find the files that work on club. If you post the files and I can get them to work on club client I will send you the money.
  5. hmm are you sure? the thread you linked is for high five, I doubt it would work on classic chronicles. Also according to the original picture I see no other custom features other than those two small skillbars, which leads me to believe that it's probably not what you linked, otherwise it would be visible.
  6. Hello. So a few months ago a guy appeared on classic club forums and posted a screenshot. On the screenshot you could see this: Does anyone here have the files for this extra skillbar(that's marked in red)? Asking on forums didn't help as the guy who posted that disappeared and nobody seemed to have these files for the current chronicle. I'm not sure on which client version we are. We are officially on zaken patch but server is using antharas patch files(according to admins) Here is the login screen if it helps you determine the actual client. Thanks in advance.
  7. έλα παλικάρι μου πλακίζουμε, πήγαινε πίσω στη γωνίτσα σου
  8. Μαλάκες ο Μέσι του maxcheaters. Απευθείας από τα τσικό του φόρουμ έγινε από τους κορυφαίους Έλληνες ράπερ. Αυτά συμβαίνουν όταν μεγαλώνεις με γυαλοχαρτάδες crew 24/7 στο repeat. Κρίμα που τον κυνηγάνε οι μασόνοι και οι ιλουμινάτι.
  9. I got the same when I tried to register.
  10. My point wasn't that the server's population is good. My point was that you can't do anything without at least a full cp. I started in a group with 3-4 of my longtime friends and you really can't do anything unless you bring at least a full CP. Not gonna mention raids that are controlled by the big clans, but even the solo farming spot(that is the only source for mats for weapons/armor higher than B grade) is so fucking packed with people that you can't realistically farm without getting PK'd by a zerg every ~3 minutes. I don't really care if it's 9 people or 1 person with 8 boxes, if it's the latter then the GM team should start banning them.
  11. are you fucking retarded? This server is so overpopulated that it's disgusting. IT is the solo hunting ground at the moment and every fucking room has 9 man parties inside that kill everything that moves. I am not overexaggerating, EVERY SINGLE FUCKING ROOM. And IT has like 50 rooms. This is vomit inducing. I have never seen people go so fucking tryhard on a x25 server. If you don't have a CP or a clan then you can't play because your opponents can bring 9 people just to contest a room at the solo farming spot and they can PK without any consequences. Unless you have a clan or a cp(yes, a cp for fucking high rate interlude server) then don't even bother starting here until the population thins out.
  12. Oh lord, can't wait to see how innova will destroy this concept this time. Maybe premium buffs? Super scrolls on l2store that give +10 to your weapon instead of +1? Super tarots? 24 karat la vie en rose diamonds exclusive from the l2store? The possibilities are endless.
  13. hmmm won't work, every time I try to decrypt a file I get this error tried using ru_orfen profile with v413_encdec. Think it's for the ru client only edit: i'm on eu 4game client
  14. Anyone knows if file edit for orfen client exists? Tried using one that works on helios but it didn't work on Orfen. Google didn't help.