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  1. r3venger is a player ingame he just got the same photo avatar like nevermoer in forum and you think its the same person with l2 mantra at his signature. rofl
  2. Πάνω από gold το 80% είναι το γνωστό lol community και ένα 20% καλοί παίχτες, από bronze έως gold είναι όλοι κακοί παίχτες :okey: και όπως είπα ακόμα και ένας diamond/challenger μπορεί να έχει ένα κακό game + όπως είπε ο xdem θα χάσει τουλάχιστον 50 mmr
  3. the trick is, you must troll too so the other trolls become serious or troll all together :dat:
  4. Give your champions a new look with these skins, on sale for a limited time: Baron Von Veigar 487 RP Woad Ashe 260 RP Bandito Fiddlesticks 260 RP Add these champions to your roster, on sale for a limited time: Rengar 487 RP Orianna 440 RP http://riot-web-static.s3.amazonaws.com/images/news/Champ_Splashes/Orianna_Splash.jpg[/img] Olaf 395 RP http://riot-web-static.s3.amazonaws.com/images/news/Champ_Splashes/Olaf_Splash.jpg[/img]
  5. Woad King Darius leads his people by the might of his axe, imposing his will and cleaving those who dare cross him. The war-painted Woad King charges into the fray bearing the storied symbols of his power. His ascent to the throne began when he single-handedly slew the beast whose head now adorns his battle armor. The axe, armor and face-paint are rounded out by new particle effects and a unique recall animation. Woad King Darius is available now for 975 RP.
  6. [gr] απαγορεύεται το elo boost αλλά μην σκαλώνεις, απλά χόρεψε σαν τον phreak [gr]
  7. Τα καλύτερα gaming ποντίκια νομίζω και έχω ακούσει είναι τα razer αλλά είναι ακριβούτσικα .. να δες εδώ http://razer.gr/products.php?cat=1 αν πατήσεις πάνω σε κάποιο ποντίκι σου βγάζει κάτω δεξιά τα μαγαζιά που μπορείς να το βρεις.
  8. [GR] Το elo boost, μπορεί να φανεί μόνο από bronze μέχρι gold από κει και πέρα ακόμα και ένας diamond μπορεί να έχει ένα κακό game. Όπως είπε ο Fortunas πάντα ήταν illegal, αλλά άμα πας duo με φίλο σου ας είναι και challenger δεν σε αγγίζει κανείς. [GR]
  9. I found this guide in 3 different sites, i can give you link if you wanna, its not my guide anyway :okey:
  10. Just wait until 30 lvl, but dont expect something big at ranked, its the same but in another way.
  11. Its not your fault or it is 10%, LoL is based clearly on teammates is not solo game, thats why its 50% luck and 50% individual skill.
  12. League of Legends has the worst community ever and thats official, so its pretty simple, you must say i play my game i try to win my lane with all my best, if it comes to win my lane and bot/mid/jungler are not kids then we can win the game as well, if not we just trying. If you CARE too much about this game and you put yourself in shit and start talking with retards and kids, you become one and you are the one that got trolled. So play and dont care just try for the win, dont talk leave them be or try another game if you cant. Thats my opinion for LoL.