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  1. WTB used adrenaline key, pm me here or on skype Jose13h. Thx
  2. WTB used adrenaline key A, pm me here or on skype Jose13h. Thx
  3. Hi, looking for a working not bannable bot for lineage2.cz dark elmore server. Interlude 16x. Paid Adrenaline is working but they have some second guard so it bans u automatically after some time of botting, Any help? Thx
  4. WTB used adrenaline key, pm me here or on skype Jose13h. Thx
  5. Hi, i need to buy some adrenaline key which is for less than 1 month or so, in discount etc. Need just to test something so dont need whole 1 month key. PM me if u have some for sell, thx.
  6. changed hdd ip but dont know how to change cpu id. btw isnt it changig auto by reinstaling windows?
  7. changed mac, but didnt help. I even reinstal whole windows but didnt help. I dont have external IP, i have NAT. I awoided it once when i reinstaled windows on pure new HDD. Achylek maybe ull know the server, its lineage2.cz . Btw i asked how to change it for lan connection in other topic where do u explain how to do it for wifi and pmed u on facebook but u didnt respond there...
  8. How to do it on ethernet connection? Dont have that MAC option like u had...
  9. How can I completely change HWID to avoid Smartguard HWID ban? I found some hwid change software but its only for HDD or so and i need complete change like by reinstaling windows. Thx
  10. Everyone except the orig. is selling for 14e so i wouldnt say cheap but average price...
  11. Like topic said, wtb adrenaline key for 10-11e. Pm me on skype Jose13h, thx
  12. This one is working on todays l2neo but after he deliver eggs and finish the quest he cant take a new one and hes just running the course w/o the quest taken. Any help with that?