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  1. If someone asks me again the name of my char, I block him for life.
  2. - SpectralDancer (Man D.Elf) lvl 78. 150€. Inventory: Many accesories and low/mid/high grade scrolls tickets. Dyes. Bracelet Lvl 3. Talisman Insolence 3. Zaken cloack. Duals C...etc. · Various chars in account: 43 Sorcerer. 43 PlainsWalker. 37 Monk. 50 Prophet. 25 DarkWizard. - WarCryer (Man Orc). lvl 53. 100€. Inventory: Full plate armor set +6. Augmented Yaksa mace +4 (othell lvl6). Augmented Tarbar +12 (Iss lvl6). Bracelet of Lvl 2. Talisman of insolence lvl 1. Agathion lvl 3. C jewelry. Dyes. Brigandine set, Karmian set... etc. · 1 char in account: Scavenger lvl 30. Payment via Paypal (only verified accounts). I only sell through Skype! No in game. I don't accept adenas (for now). Send me PM your Skype id for more info. Negotiable prices. Buy the two accounts together for 230€.