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  1. Exactly. It looks like a project made to advertise himself. I don't understand anything. Disappointing
  2. If you don't want them to edit your files, ok you are in your right but don't do it botchery or fuc -ked screw up to leave a fuc -king watermark permanent on the game screen. I don't understand why you want to share a project if you then impose this kind of limits and obstacles. If it were to protect the autor rights you could have done perfectly without hindering the game screen. In this way it's impossible to enjoy its interface.
  3. Any way to remove/disable the hold credits on screen? It's really annoying
  4. The skils bar not work correctly. It stays transparent nad I can't move it
  5. If someone asks me again the name of my char, I block him for life.
  6. And above you shout me? I had interest, but not anymore. This is the market area. If you publish, you are obliged to respond, but above all by professional courtesy. Regards.
  7. - SpectralDancer (Man D.Elf) lvl 78. 150€. Inventory: Many accesories and low/mid/high grade scrolls tickets. Dyes. Bracelet Lvl 3. Talisman Insolence 3. Zaken cloack. Duals C...etc. · Various chars in account: 43 Sorcerer. 43 PlainsWalker. 37 Monk. 50 Prophet. 25 DarkWizard. - WarCryer (Man Orc). lvl 53. 100€. Inventory: Full plate armor set +6. Augmented Yaksa mace +4 (othell lvl6). Augmented Tarbar +12 (Iss lvl6). Bracelet of Lvl 2. Talisman of insolence lvl 1. Agathion lvl 3. C jewelry. Dyes. Brigandine set, Karmian set... etc. · 1 char in account: Scavenger lvl 30. Payment via Paypal (only verified accounts). I only sell through Skype! No in game. I don't accept adenas (for now). Send me PM your Skype id for more info. Negotiable prices. Buy the two accounts together for 230€.
  8. Fast transaction. Great seller. Recommended. Regards
  9. Mate pm not work " TopSellerEU cannot receive messages." I'm not going to post my skype here.