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  1. Hey Guys!! We were done with the server after a year of development. We make the server for you and we are working with the right marketing tools. We do not expect thousands of players so we are waiting for you with a special gameplay system. In short: Every major event has their own time. This is how players do the same, generating crowds. Eg: In the morning: you farm. In the afternoon: there are accelerated, consecutive events with special rewards. Evening: Olympiad games. At night: we let you get back to events for a short time. The ser
  2. Subb max lvl is lv 85 and you can get 3 subclasses at 1 character Thanks for nice words :) Yes its not so fast as you thinked but we cant make it to fast for get all items in about 1 week... anyway farming of recipes takes just few days to get them.. like other players got it as i see. :) Anyway if you don't like this farming method you can chose the retail like options like try to get players/friends join to clan and kill Freya, valakas, antharas and etc :) L2 isnn't created for solo players as i know. Quest item drop rate is 2x but in some quest are 4x. About Zero Hour quest..
  3. If u open our website you will see a coundown there, and you will know when we start, but i can tell we start in about 5 min!!!!! :)
  4. Hey Guys! The L2 End of Game want to bring back the feelings of the old "big" servers, and get out of the current exploitation of servers that are only care about money and they close them all in a few months. Our server pack as close to 100% (Instance, Geodata, pathnode, balance etc) in addition, the following will be available: GRAND OPENING : JULY 1 GMT+1 19:00 !!!! WEBSITE : http://l2eog.com FACEBOOK : http://facebook.com/l2eog SERVER PATCH: DOWNLOAD We would like to give a present for clans who's coming to our server, 20.000 reputation and lv5 clan reward. The