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  1. I'm a depmax client since fredbr times and i am more than satisfied. It's a decent project for those who knows nothing and want plug and play experience and an even better for those who want to do your own stuff in a l2off enviroment without going assembler. Support has been great and the overall quality too.
  2. for compiling the hole ai.nasc you would need to do it with the built in compiler in npc.exe like someone already pointed out. for decompiling contact.. skype or hangout: sauron at gxzone.com
  3. The patch provided sucks, it is based on a bugged version. If you have 0 (none at all) knowledge, the are 2 simple ways of bypassing it. 1- editing windows hosts file and adding auth.rpg-club.ue with your server ip OR 1- Open decrypted interface.u (l2encdec) 2- Search for "ServerAddr" and replace with ServerOddr 3- Open l2.ini and add the following line bellow ServerAddr ServerOddr=auth.rpg-club.eu done
  4. pwd for 3.1 kfhgiepqldhfugihohmndetiepqldhfiepqldhfu link https://yadi.sk/d/kuzkPq81zJPnG
  5. who's work? if it's shared then i lost 5 days. I found no info at all while doing this, had to figure everything out. Because everyone say it was impossible to compile, i went the increase .u size way. Lost a few days coding a decompiler/size fixer. All i had was edkit patch for rpg-club and it did't look like it was a hex work, so i started thinking how to compile and then how to insert the code. I went the extending way. Now that i understand everything better, i can tell you Edkit is compiling interface.u entirely. I could do that too, but takes a lot of time to fix all int64 ope
  6. I know this is old as fuck. I started 5 days ago with client modding and ofc i read this thread among others. Took me 5 days to figure out how to edit and compile scripts for interface.u without any hex involved. I'm just bumping this because i didn't like your attitude. All it was needed was a bit of thinking out of the box. http://image.gxzone.com/images/7/e/7e74b422f70.jpg gl