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  1. still doesnt work in l2 ester (cliext shield.exe protection)
  2. whats differrents beetwen this version and older for example 1.61?
  3. there are not good server now for bot :D
  4. some1 cracked newest adren ? for cliext shield.exe protection
  5. is there any method to baypass cliext shield.exe protection in l2 ester x5 server? delete client.dll and shield.exe in process explorer doesnt help
  6. doesnt work. After this i have dc on select champions. Any ideas? meybe you will try?
  7. hello any methods for using adrenaline or l2 tower on l2 ester x5?
  8. @ AchYlek so cliext and shield.exe are impossible to baypass? edit: i tryed this1 method and i logged to game, 2mins and dc but command //cfg worked but thats all tower doesnt work buttons wo any reactions to 2 mins i tryed cracked adrenaline but on champion select always dc
  9. guys bot dont work on interlude client on lineage.ru ester x5 i have dc always there is cliext shield protection . Any ideas?
  10. @pto podaj jakiś kontakt do siebie skype czy coś
  11. czemu myslisz ze arion padł jak 7k pokazuje online ? :) a averia to 90% russ :/
  12. jak nie dex to gdzie indziej, szczerze mówiąc nie ma nic innego narazie godnego