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  1. man you have seen the config file ine l2j ?
  2. I have reinstall the server from the begng with clean database and i have do a wipe. Because some stupid person that log in my account...
  3. I need an answer because someguyz log in my server and destory all other char. For that reason i did wipe and now i want to powerful secure system... plz pyromaker aswer.
  4. I have problem with the Guide. I execute without any problem the lin2world but i have problem with the lin2db. It doesn't find the uid... :S what i can do?
  5. I need i C5 System... with protocol 694... if anyone can help me thx
  6. Because someone has hacked our server i shutdown the server until i fix the prblem (socket 08)... I will do it today...
  7. Lol guyz i have fix the register link. But we have some problems with our ISP provider... the lag must not exist tomorow...(as he promised us)
  8. Lineage II C4 Retail PvP Server - L2 Arena Server Rates: - XP: x80 - SP: x80 - Adena: x200 - Drops: x1 - Spoil: x25 - SealStones: x10 Retail Features C4 -Areas C4 (100% - without bugs) -Skills C5 (100%) -Nobless & Subclasses System & Hero System (100%) -Hero Skills -Fishing (100%) -Safe enchant +5 -Catacombs/Necropolis (100%) -Seven Signs (100%) -3rd Job (100%) -Manor System -Recommendations -Sieges -Raid Boss (100%) -Dyes (100%) -Shops Quest Items 1st/2nd/3rd job -Global Gatekeeper(Towns,Hunting Grounds) -Auto-learn skills C
  9. thx but this post had made by me in RZ forums... name poutsa32. Please add my in your post
  10. Look I must put all the Lineage 2 server folder in the Program Files(x86)