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  1. I am toying with you , what exactly do you mean?? :') I think you're confused :) The moment when you wanna play smart but your english won't help you. Eks dee.
  2. Omfg back to english. What you said only proves that i'm using facts and arguments to discuss and bash your fucking ass while you speak nonsense and have nothing to say in order to counter me. Dude, for real, just STFU. The more you talk the more i will toy with you. And i'm not even trying too. Everything that you say is simply another nail in your coffin. You're THAT stupid that you cannot understand this reality. When you say something, anything, you're only giving me a chance of ridiculing your sorry ass even more.
  3. The only one triggered here is you georgie. Nobody else. I'm just exposing your lying sorry ass to everybody , that's all. You're lacking way too much salt to be able to trigger me boy, know your place you ignorant fuck. It's nice to see you using Greek , you do that EVERYTIME you're mad or triggered and pass the point where you can be calm and keep lying. When you're at the point where all you can do is speak nonsense and flame you're always using Greek. I suppose that's what you mean when you're saying that i lifted your spirit. Where is the logic in me reporting you , you d
  4. Speaking the truth and sucking cocks are two very different things. Royal never did such a thing at least with the worst c/l of all times , ME, but you certainly did :) You paid me 5 full tier 1 armor sets on the 2nd wargate i think it was in order for me to return a tier 3 weapon that you added "by mistake" to Palibati and which was useless to be honest. You really are such a stupid fucking retard , you could wipe the item but no , you came to me , SUCKED MY DICK like a good bitch and gave me what i asked in order for me to give you the wep. I can also give numerous other events wh
  5. Well hellu :) Dev. Lying / non skilled greek admin of a doomed "project" that continuously lied and tried to fool players. He delayed his server opening around 4 months after announcing , canceling and then announcing and canceling new Grand Openings around 10 times. He was supposed to quit the scene and split from his "partner" ColVille after the last failure they had together. Long story short that "split" never happened since even in their last "prelude" projects (only difference with wargate was the name) they were both of them there even though the lies about
  6. Εγώ πάντως παιδιά ΕΜΠ1. :kappa:
  7. ΘΑ. Θα μπορούσε να είναι καλός αλλά δεν ήταν για 2 λόγους. 1ον είναι pride copy επομένως δεν γίνεται να είναι καλός. 2ον δεν προσπάθησε ΠΟΤΕ να τον βελτιώσει , απλά τον άνοιξε , έβγαλε όσα έβγαλε κ επειδή ήταν αρκετά μαζεμένος κράτησε λίγους μήνες. Το να συγκρίνεις 2 πράγματα και να λες το ένα είναι λιγότερο κακό από το άλλο δεν σημαίνει πως είναι καλό, λολ.
  8. Κατά τ' άλλα πάντως απάντησες και ας είσαι like. :dat: Δίκιο έχεις Primes δεν παίζουν σε μελλοντικές σου αποτυχίες αλλά επειδή το λέω εγώ βρε καημένε και όχι εσύ ή ο άλλος ο κλόουν ο εξ ντεμ. O0 Λες και αν θέλαμε να μπούμε μας ήταν δύσκολο ή είσαι αρκετά έξυπνος για να το εμποδίσεις. O0 Άσε που θέλουμε να κρατάμε τις dropes μας και όχι να μας τις κάνει trade ο admin επειδή σηκώσαμε Tier 3 την πρώτη εβδομάδα και δεν ήθελες να υπάρχει Tier 3 στον σέρβερ. Καλό trade εν τ μεταξύ Γιωργάκη , πήρες 1 hammer και έδωσες 5 robes αν θυμάμαι καλά; Γενικά έξυπνος. Αλλά επειδή γενικά ζαλίζ
  9. HAHAHAHA. Seems like the play is now over and the 5 year old Giwrgakhs now appears :) I just LOVE how you keep blaming every1 (community , other admins ) except for xdem because he is saying the same crap that you are. I just can't wait for you to start working on your projects once more and start banning all those retards that you talk about. I want to see who is going to join your servers after your bans :D :D Oh btw just to make this clear because you lied about this too :P Your jokes are already banned in my clan for some time now. Way before you decided to start banning players.
  10. ^ More or less. Even with less time to play people would go farm if they could lol. But it's almos impossible to farm at the beggining and later on it's way too easy :D
  11. I 'm sure you do. And yes you 're right everyone has his own opinion. You need only 4 things in order to keep players busy. Raids Pt Farm Solo Farm PvP If you have these , no1 will complain. You don't need to let people farm Tier 5 in 2 weeks otherwise after 2 months no1 will be able to further develop his char. Just a friendly tip.
  12. @Xdem i never saw anyone but yourself speaking about you and judging you as a Dev. @Xoiten , you should be reading more carefully mate. Primes were created for the first time in L2 Wargate , i think something like 7 years ago. L2 World was way before that, i didn't even know my 2 first clan mates Tsetos and Smarty back then and i certainly wasn't leading any Clans. So it's pretty impossible for you to be in a clan at a point of time when the clan did not exist. I'll tell you what i think about Pride copies and this community. Personally most people are not very smart or mature like dev and
  13. First of all i can call you however i please. You give me the right to do so when you behave like a clown. Even your effort to reply in a proper manner on the first half of your topic and then trashtalk on the rest of it proves that you are indeed a clown. Problem is that the description that you think is mine is actually your very own. You see i never chased a Pro Gaming life , if i did i obviously would not waste my time on projects like yours i would nolife on League , CS GO or Dota , the rest of the games that you spoke of are not that competitive. I play from server to server simp
  14. First of all Sorry if i missunderstood but it seemed pretty obvious to me that you were referring to me. It's true i don't have to prove anything to anyone , after all i'm doing so with actions in game but i don't like people speaking lies. I can tolerate trash talk and everything else i don't mind at all , but lying is not very nice mr Dev :) Second of all i'm 100% certain that you do not even know which version of RS i'm talking about. I'm talking about the final RS (g.final pack). That's the version that i played at and it was many times better than any private server i jo
  15. Yeah , those were some good times back then :)