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Black Jack

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i have walker 1.79..i made all settings i log in char with walker but when i put .Start. combat  the char didnt do anything....can anyone help me..what i am doing wrong?


yeah u must have problems with hosts;)

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It's host files error press START then RUN then type in c:\windows\system32\drivers\etc in the field open hosts with some text editor then add this: vip.tt2xz.com vip1.tt2xz.com vip2.tt2xz.com vip3.tt2xz.com vip4.tt2xz.com vip5.tt2xz.com vip6.tt2xz.com vip7.tt2xz.com vip.towalker.com vip1.towalker.com vip2.towalker.com vip3.towalker.com vip4.towalker.com vip5.towalker.com vip6.towalker.com vip7.towalker.com


on this topic u can have all things what u need ;) :



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ty so much...as i saw u had the same problem as me...ty..i did it but i will test it tommorow..ty and gn


no problem :) ... yes i had the same problem and some good members help me :) so now i help u :) and some time in the future u can help some1 else :P

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something last...in the server i an playing buff time is 35 min..when buffs left what i am doing?? how can the char can kill the mobs without buffs??


ok w8 ... when my server will be online i can upload some screen shots with the help to you :)... ok ?


i hope that my server will be online tomorrow but i dont know ;)

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