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[Guide]Soutaker Interlude Only

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Soultaker Guide By CarmineAngelo



Info About Soultaker Tips & More

Human Mystic - Wizard - Necromancer - Soultaker

Why to prefer Soultaker?

Soultaker has got many debuffs and you can kill easily your enemies .

Soultaker debuffs low magic deffence of your enemies and you give them more damage .

Soultaker pwnz on olympiad with his skills


Soultaker Speed is kinda low and if u have big distance on PvP with Archers and they have the advantage to kill you

Soultaker Damage Skills


skill1263_0.pngCurse GloomDebuff : Decreases Enemy Magic Defence


skill1148_0.pngDeath SpikeDark Attack : Hit your enemy with bones . Requires etc_piece_bone_red_i00.png Cursed Bones .


skill1234_0.pngVampiric ClawDark Attack : Remove 40% HP of your enemies and you get 40 % HP too . ( Consumes many Mana Potion )


skill1343_0.pngDark VortexDark Attack - Debuff : Hit your enemy with 111 power and absorve 40% hp (Reduce enemy Dark Resistance)


skill1170_0.pngAnchorDebuff : Paralyze your enemy .


skill1069_0.pngSleepDebuff : Put your enemies on sleep .


skill1269_0.pngCurse  DiseaseDebuff : Temporarily reduce your enemies HP Recovery .


skill1164_0.pngCurse WeaknessDebuff : Reduces enemy's P . Atk .



skill1262_0.pngTransfer PainToogle : You share your damage with your summon (Requires pet)


skill1169_0.pngCurse FearDebuff : Fear your enemy (Run around , can't hit)


skill1129_0.pngSummon Reanimated ManSummon : Summons a pet,Requires 3 Crystals: C-Grade


skill1334_0.pngSummon Cursed ManSummon : Summons a pet,Consumes 2 Crystals: Grade C during summon


skill1298_0.pngMass SlowMassive Debuff : Reduces enemy speed .


skill1345_0.pngMass Mage BaneMassive Debuff : Remove Buffs that gonna pwnz you like M. Atk and Casting Spd only from nearby enemies .


skill1344_0.pngMass Fighter BaneMassive Debuff : Remove Buffs that gonna pwnz you like Atk. Spd. and Speed from nearby enemies .


skill0337_0.pngArcana PowerToogle : Increases your M.Atck . Hp consumes while Arcana Power is on use .


skill1337_0.pngCurse AbyssDebuff : Decreases your enemies Speed, P. Def., Evasion, M. Atk., Casting Spd. and critical rate of damage magic. It's a good way for pwnz



I need armors help me to select :/ !


Devotion Set (1-39)


Karmian Set (40-51)


Avadon Robe Set (52-60)


Dark Crystal Robe Set (61-80)



Major Arcana (76-80)



Nah , now i can't kill mobs but i don't diying too :/

I know it , you need weapon . What kind of weapon? Check Below :


Voodoo Doll (1-19)


Staff of Life (40-51)


Homonculus Sword (40-60)


Sword Of Miracles (61-75)


Arcana Mace Acumen (76-80)


Now mobs kill me with magic spells :/ !

Don't worry , take this earrings below .


Blessed Set (40-51)


Black Ore Set (52-60)


Majestic Set (61-75)


Tateossian Set (76-80)


Raid Boss Jews Set (76-80)


OMAGAD no buffs now i hit like dump

Vs Mage


Vs Fighter


What dyes must i add?

etc_con_hena_i02.pngCon+4 Str -4

etc_wit_hena_i02.pngWit +4 Men -4

etc_int_hena_i02.pngInt +4  Men -4

You must have that misc with you :

Crystal C Grade


Healing Potions

Mana Potions

Cursed Bones


Skill Enchant

Cursed Gloom : Enchant On Chance

Vampiric Claw : Enchant On Power

Death Spike : Enchant On Power

Anchor : Enchant On Chance

Silence : Enchant On Chance

Mass Slow : Enchant On Chance

Sleep : Enchant On Chance


PvP Tactics

Vs Dagger - Saggitarius

Use Many debuffs on them like slow , abyss , gloom , Curse Weakness ,anchor

Dagger : Use slow and run away and start hit him slowly .

Saggitarius : Use Slow & Weakness and Fuk him

If Dagger/Saggitarius is near you , Use Mass Fighter Bane


Vs Cardinal

Use Debuffs on him like Abyss , Curse Gloom , Curse Disease , Anchor , Silence and then start hit him with Vampiric claw and death Spike .

If mage is near you , Use Mass Mage Bane


Vs Mages

Use Debuffs On him like Silence , Curse Gloom , Abyss , Anchor and start hit him with Death Spike , if he makes you cancel and you diying

If mage is near you , Use Mass Mage Bane


Vs Orcs (Titan - Tyrants)

They just need Mass Slow , Mass Fighter Bane , Abyss , Anchor , Curse Gloom and start run away and hit .

If orc has frenzy and wears bow hit with Vampiric Claw for absorve HP .

If Titan/Tyrant is near you try to make Mass Fighter Bane .


Mass PvP .

On Mass PvPs start hitting bishops and make banes abyss and use all mass debuffs .

You mustn't be on them otherwise they will cancel your buffs and maybe kill you more easily .

*Make sure that you have summon



In olympiad make sure that you use skill with low mana consume and use useful debuffs like Mass Bane , Curse Gloom ofc , Abyss , Mass Slow , Anchor

Make sure that you have summon and you have transfer pain on use.

Take that weapon weapon_staff_of_evil_sprit_i01.png on SA  Blessed Body & Mental Shield and use it on Olympiad .

Take BBS soulshots for olympiad and soulshots for pets .

Use DeathSpike , it consumes low MP

Credits : Me (Write this guide)

           Finito (For Advices (Help me a bit)

           pmfun (For pictures)


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nC guid necro at interlude and c4 is the best btw i dont like necro cause he need to use a lot of debuffs i dont like using debuffs so i choose sps. ;)

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great guide CarmineAgelo keep it up ;)

Kiding?Its not a good guide,there are so much mistakes like Sido say anyway reedit and make a cool guide because this....is awfull!
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